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Location: South Carolina
Anyone use Stability?

it's by the people who make Prime. i got a huge bottle of it, and since i'm setting the 10 back up, i'm wondering if i should use it. i don't even know what it does! lol

can i use it with Prime?
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Location: Australia
You can use it with Prime. I used it for my 16 gallon and didn't have any problems but I carried over a lot of stuff (plants, gravel etc) from my smaller tank so it was pretty heavily seeded. I don't know how much effect that had.
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Reference Team
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Location: Victoria, Australia
It promises to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria in 7 days, even in less than ideal conditions. Having had experience with it, I believe this is a touch untrue. Because the tap water here is very soft and it is a struggle to maintain a stable pH and a cycled tank, I thought I would give it a shot.

By itself, the Stability did nothing. Ammonia was still at dangerous levels even after two weeks, and I was doing water changes every second day as my bettas were visibly stressed by the poor water quality.

So after a large water change, I added a pinch of crushed coral to my filter, a snippet of media from an established tank, and added Stability per the instructions. My tank cycled in less than a week after that, though how much of it was dependent on the Stability I don't really know.

Personally, I use it in conjunction with mature media, rather than on a newly established filter. There is just too much risk it won't work and any livestock could be harmed in the process.
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