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Exclamation Argh, ammonia in tank, but also in tap water!

Hi ... I just tested my water shortly after a water change and it's coming in at 2.0 ppm ammonia (yes, fish are in, as are about 14 new live plants ... it's a 10-gallon tank). So I went to do a water change but on a whim decided to test my tap water, and it recorded at 1.0 ppm! So I guess I have a short-term question and a long-term one:

Short-term: should I change the water or hope that this is a spike that'll go down? Obviously 2 is twice as bad as 1, but maybe my tank is trying to cycle ... but again, with fish in ... and I'm wondering if having the plants in there might calm things down quickly enough that it's not worth the stress to the fish/system to change 2.0ppm water with 1.0ppm water.

Or should I run to the store and get bottled fish water? Or some kind of ammonia-cutting water additive or fish stress additive?

Long-term: what do I do about the fact that my tap water already has ammonia in it?

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere. I did search, but I couldn't find anything relevant, and couldn't think of more specific search terms than "ammonia in tap water."

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Welcome to the forum....

What is the ammonia level of your source water, type of filter on the 10gal, type of dechlorinator you are using now and any other additives, species of live plants, type of lights-age of bulbs, kelvin, watts and photoperiod, total stocking on the 10gal, water temp, type of testing products you are using and water prams for-nitrite, nitrate and pH of both the tank and source water along with ammonia...also, how long has the tank been setup...
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