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Old 12-17-2011, 08:53 AM   #1 
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Beginner with some questions :) thanks for reading

Couple things I'd love some feedback on guys :)

I've had a male betta in the 5G Fluval Chi tank for about a month.

Water's been cloudy since a few days after setting things up.

Did a 25% water change after 2-3 weeks. Did another 25% water change a few days later, hoping to reduce the cloudiness. I just figured out the gravel cleaner after the 2nd time, I was pouring it into a 4L milk jug because I don't have a bucket, and the siphon tube was in the jug water since I can't see it, so the siphon wasn't co-operating that great lol... Think I will cut the top off the jug so the opening is bigger?

The tank runs at 78 degrees so I've been topping up evaporation about 600ml each morning, I put a few drops of water conditioner in a water bottle and fill it with luke warm tap water, shake it a bit and pour it in the tank.

I feed him 3 pellets each morning and maybe twice a week, 2-3 bloodworms instead.

About a week ago a girl at Petsmart told me not to bother using the biological supplment with a betta tank. Not sure why I didn't cross reference that advice, but here I am asking for feedback on this subject.

Should I be doing more frequent water changes now to get the tank cleared up? Chances are my cleaning skills may not have gotten all the gunk off the gravel layer on the bottom of the tank, also I could not catch him with the net, and he didn't see to concerned about the cleaner so I just left him in the tank while I cleaned it.

I didn't clean or change the filter pad for a month, missed that detail in the tank manual, bad owner! :( I just put a new filter pad in 3 days ago, I will clean it weekly and change it monthly, assuming fluval's advice is accurate? (Some companies exaggerate things to make more $)

My two main concerns are:

1. Should I buy more biological supplement and use it regularly?

2. Are my water top ups and partial changes ok?

3. Should the new tank syndrome I've heard of (cloudy water) be gone/going away by now?

Any other advice for this combination would be appreciated!


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Arashi Takamine
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A five gallon Fluval chi with cloudyness? Hmm...Sounds more like you have a bacteria bloom and that your tank is trying to cycle which is really good!
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Location: Langley, BC
I hope you're right :) The cloudiness does seem to be clearing up now that I've turned the light on in the tank this morning. Thought I'd share a photo from my phone to show how cloudy it actually is, at least as accurate as a phone camera is going to be :)

Not sure if the photo is attached properly, hope so :)

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Welcome, cute tank :)

Tanks should have a water change each week- the % depends upon size, cycle, live plants, fish, etc. Especially new tanks need extra water changes to keep down the ammonia/nitrate spikes.

For your 5 gal, unplanted I would suggest 30% each week, regular siphoning.
Your top ups are fine to do when needed.
I wouldn't worry about the biological supplement.

The cloudiness could be from ammonia spikes, which happens with new tanks that are trying to cycle. I would highly suggest a test kit that includes ammonia/nitrate/ites (sadly can be a little pricey of $25 and up) to test the water. If you see ammonia building up you would then do a small water change if needed.
Anything over .25 would be bad. Check each week prior to a water change to see whether or not you should do larger water changes, or add a small one in during the week if the numbers are too high.

What type of filter media is it? If it is carbon, that should be changes monthly, but a sponge filter you will only want to change when it gets old and ragged. Otherwise, once a month or two take it out and squeeze/swish in tank water (that you have removed during cleaning) to clean it of debris but to keep the beneficial bacteria in place. When it starts to get ratty, place a new sponge in with the old one for a couple of weeks to build up bacteria on the new sponge before removing the old- otherwise your tank may go into a mini-cycle once more.

As for the cloudiness.. could be from the gravel if you didn't rinse it off enough, ammonia, etc.. I would do small partial water changes every couple of days until it is cleared up.

As for feeding, once a day is not generally ideal.. I would recommend 2-3 pellets twice a day- morning and night, mixing in your blood worms as you wish.

Good luck to you, if you have anymore questions, please feel free to ask!
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I would agree with what Myates said. Looking at the colour and size of your gravel, i thought it was maybe still particles coming off it. The Chi filter is not the greatest for removing suspended solids. I tend to use sand these days rather than chunky gravel.
I've had a male betta in a 6.6 gallons Chi for a couple of months although I just moved him up to a 10.5 gallon tank today. I've never changed out the filter foam, just wash it in the tank water when I'm doing a water change and I rinse out the filter pad as well. Not changed that either yet. You need to build up the bacteria in the filter to counteract the ammonia build up in the tank. I did not put fish in mine for 3 weeks and I had seeded it from my large community tank.
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