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Very sick little guy, please help

I dont know what to do, he has been on betta fix for 6 days now for a sudden pop eye. I think his eye has popped out & is on his face, please help me know what to do thank you,
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Poor guy.. I'm sorry you didn't get a response sooner.

Go ahead and remove him from Bettafix and instead lets treat him with some Epsom..
I would suggest placing him in a QT container/tank (if you haven't already) during treatment as you will need to be doing daily water changes, which can be harmful on an established tank.
2 teaspoons per gallon, daily 100% water changes- pre dissolve the Epsom before adding him into it, also your regular water conditioner. You can use an empty one gallon water jug to mix the treatment in if needed.

You can buy Epsom at most pharmacies or in stores with a pharmacy such as walmart.

If you added Bettafix into the home tank, I would start doing water changes over the next few days to remove it- it's a watered down Melafix that has an ingredient that has potential to harm the labyrinth organ. Some people have had bad luck with it- but right now since he's been on it so long and no improvement, it may be time to try something to bring down the swelling and yet be very safe for him.
After the swelling is gone, we can work on clearing up the cloudy eye.

Are those injuries on his face by his mouth?
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Hi Dmarie, sorry I was offline all day Thursday which is unusual for me. Thank you for replying to the questions in the other thread, that really helps me.

Myates gave great advice about the epsom salt treatment so I would definitely advise following that. You said you think his eye has actually popped out? Err, I don't suppose you have a pic of that, do you? If his eye has indeed popped out, my biggest concern is letting it hang there on his face. I would suggest removing the eye somehow but I think only a veterinarian would be able to safely disconnect all the nerves etc.

In addition to the epsom salt, I would also suggest trying API Tetracycline to treat the bacterial infection causing the popeye. Also, if you can find it (Petsmart usually does carry it), a product called Kordon Fish Protector may be beneficial here as well.

I hope this info helps and doesn't come too late. I'll check back.
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