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Unhappy **Fish out of water**

I feel TERRRIBLE I was cleaning the tank and had my girl cupped while I was moving her decor around. I picked up her cup to move her and drop it She flopped herself under the dresser, and was out of the water for a good 2 minutes and when I finally got her picked up she was covered in dust and cat litter that had been kicked under there. I have her in the QT tank now. I just need some advice on what to do from here on out with her.

She's in a heated medium Kritter Keeper, the current temp is around 80. The water is treated with Prime. I have her little tank covered with a towel to keep it dark.

The last time I checked on her she looked ok, she's a very dark color and it's difficult to see stress stripes. Her fins are spread fine for now. This just happened 30 minutes ago.

Help appreciated!
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Silly girl, she forgot the bungee when she went jumping! Accidents happen, don't beat yourself up too much.

Look for any bodily injuries- if her scales all look good and she's swimming around just fine then I would go ahead and return her into her tank since you just did a water change.

Keep an eye on her for the next 24 hrs in case anything internal shows up (look for lethargy, clamped fins, loss of color, laying on the bottom, gasping at the surface).

Otherwise there isn't anything else that needs to be done- if you have stress coat you can drop in a few drops, but that isn't a must. Just clean water for now unless she shows signs of injury.
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I had my worst day water changing a few days ago. Had 2 in a row jump over the cup as i was attempting to cup them and land on the table. Both are fine despite their ordeal.
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Thanks guys! I put her back in the tank, she seems perfectly fine. I just felt so awful, it took extra long to find her because I was tearing up. Worst feeling ever. I'll update if she starts to go south on me.
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