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Spawning the Second Time

Hello everyone :)
This would be my second attempt at spawning my beautiful Bettas, Shimmy and Shinny. The first time, I found it very difficult and so did my fish. They were very frantic and the male seemed to bully the female quite a bit throughout the courtship phase (which I know is somewhat natural). After two days, they were embracing but they ate the eggs
Both the male and the female suffered from torn fins but they quickly healed up in less than two weeks.

Now, I have prepared another spawning tank and let my fish become acquainted with one another. I have noticed that the second time round, they are both much calmer! They're just floating around side by side. Yes, they are chasing but there is no biting and so far, their fins are in tact.

Has anyone else experienced this before?
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Sena Hansler
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I have had this problem, and have this problem with my golden male. He won't breed, so I am trying someone else's methods... Which include a lot like isolation, flaring, etc.

anyways, what I can suggest:

take the female out, isolate her from others (sight included) in a tank at least heated to 78 degrees. you can do a daily 10% water change to encourage her breeding instincts, or a 30-40% weekly. feed lots of food! get live foods - I have used mealworm, which you cut off the head and squeeze the meat out. this pulls out instinct. frozen works too (bloodworms, are best). Feed between 3-6 times a day, to avoid a large meal which can cause bloating and SBD.

The male: you can leave him in the breeding tank. Temperature should be 78 degrees, same water changes as the female. Floating plants, live plants, lots of food (without waste), lower water level (4-8 inches) and even a styrofoam cup cut lengthwise in half as a "cave" can work. Flare him with another male, or a mirror. this can kick in his instinct.

female introduction: float her in a container or better yet a mesh breeder net. Wait until he is not attacking the net (if he does), and is showing off. wait until she shows submission stripes and lowers her head. put her in, and it should take no more than 2-4 days I'd say from experience.
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