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Moving with an established tank?

I will be moving soon, hopefully, and was wondering about moving with my established 10g. What should I do, be concerned with, etc.?
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I've done this a few times, so hopefully I can help a little.

I move my bettas in separate containers from the tank. Shipping bags or the cups they come in work.

I emptied the tank until it only had an inch or two of water in the bottom. This was enough to cover the bottom of my live plants. Make sure there isn't too much water left that it will slosh around while driving. If it is a really long trip, I put damp paper towels over the plants to keep them moist. Usually, I put the filter media in a tupperware container with tank water to preserve the cycle during the trip. I know some people just drop it right into the tank water too.

Just make sure to check your water for the first few days after you set it up again, to make sure there isn't a mini-cycle that could harm your fish. That's all I can think of for now.
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Like MMK said. Make sure to keep the substrate damp so that the die off of beneficial bacteria is kept to a minimum. If you have live plants, I'd wrap them in damp paper towels to prevent wilting. You can leave them in tank water but, if they're sloshing around, there might be some damage that occurs. The fish can travel in their cups, though you'll want to make sure that they're kept covered. They can get carsick/seasick if they see a lot of moving light/objects.

Take as much of the tank water with you as you can! Especially if you're moving a fair distance. Your fish are adapted to the water conditions in your current location. When you move, the water chemistry will be completely different. You'll need to do small (5-10%), frequent (2-4 times a week) water changes for the first two weeks to a month that you're at your new place so you don't shock their systems too badly.
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