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Post new breeder, any tips?

Hey everyone, im a new breeder, iv done a lot of research on it and will be doing this with my friend who has been successful before. although i am still very open to tips on tanks and techniques. also still looking for a good few pairs to start with.
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Join Date: Sep 2011 the top of my head:
A ten gallon tank is decent for any beginner. Cheap,easy to heat and so on.
If you can get some IAL or blackwater extract you should use it. While you CAN spawn without, it helps keep the nest from popping and sets a better spawning/fry environment.
umm...oh, keep your tank covered. I have a strip of bubble warp over mine with two holes in it. The corner arr taped tight so that it pulls snuggly over the top and keep it humid in the tank, but it's easy to remove if i need to(to get the female out/remove the male after free swimming and so on). Some people have used a glass cover or tin foil or plastic wrap for this xD

Umm....for heating jars a shelving unit with some heating tape has been known to work:

or a large tub with a heater in it where you float the jarred males/aggressive females/large enough to eat the other fry fishies xD

For the actual breeding make sure you get a quality pair. :3 While it may not be reasonable to spend $60+ for a set strain your first time around there are alot of breeders like Chard56 who have some nice fry for good prices, who ship cheaply. And you can probably ask about the parents of the fish to get an understanding of their genetics. ^^ I've personally seen some of Chard's old spawns compared to their new ones and the improvements have been amazing. Shows you what a little hard work/selective breeding can give you.
Other common advice to to pick a goal. Color, form, finnage. Such as, my first spawn was to watch the effects of the marble gene and see what i'd get crossing halfsun to halfsun(finnage + color). Though, i should say, marble is easy to ADD to a line..harder to remove from it..much like red wash.

So if you want to avoid red wash or the randomness of marble avoid breeding fish with those qualities(also,yellow produced red offsping unless bred to another yellow but this washes out the color, same with orange. But the red's resulting will be geno's for the yellow/orange and if bred together will show some in the next generation xD)

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