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What's the difference?

Since I can't get any real meds here, I am ordering online. However, what is the difference between some of these. They all say the fight the same stuff.

Triple Sulfa
Furan 2
Maracyn 2

I'm assuming these two are for parasites?
General Cure
Super Ick Cure
Quick Cure
Anti parasite fizzie tabs
malachite green - Ick??
methylene Blue

isn't Erthymycin the active ingredient in Maracyn?

I want to make sure I have my bases covered for different outbreaks - like internal parasites, external parasites, fungus and bacterial infections like columnaris but I don't want to buy several items that all fight the same thing.


I already have tetracycline. And I though I ordered maracyn and maracyn 2 for the columnaris epidemic but aparently I only added it to the cart and never actually bought it.
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Sometimes it's the degree of what is in the medication.

Malachite Green is a powerful, though toxic medication with anti-protozoal and anti-microbial properties. A few cautionary remarks should always be associated with its use: To carefully measure the ACTUAL gallonage of the treatment system, as overdosing with Malachite is very easy to do... To take care not to spill or splash this material around as it is the dickens to get the bluish stains out of clothing, skin... or aquarium silicone. To use with caution period, as Malachite Green is toxic... poisoning your fish.
It is suspected of being a carcinogen as well as teratogen (a chemical that can alter DNA make-up), and respiratory poison. It is NOT to be used lightly. This material is also phytotoxic... poisonous to aquatic plants and terrestrial ones that may come in contact with it from splash, spray or your dumping aquarium water on them from your treated tank.

Quick Cure is another I would not touch.. Do not exceed recommended dosage, may stain silicone sealant and aquarium decorations. This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer.

Maracyn I, Erythrmycin and Tetracycline are all the same thing- gram positive anti-biotic.

It would be better to get Maracyn I & II to use together rather then just Maracyn 1 and one of the others.

Triple Sulfa is the same as Maracyn II, gram neg antibiotic.

Furan 2 is a gram neg and pos medication, putting all those together in one- but it's a very powerful medication and caution is needed that you don't overdose, even the slightest. (You wouldn't want to with any medication as it is..)

Methylene Blue and Super Ick are the same things basically- ick medication.. you wouldn't need both.

The parasite tabs.. sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.. General Cure is also an anti-parasitic medication and does the same thing.

Basically, I would just get Maracyn I & II, General Cure... can treat ick with AQ salt and heat.
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Old 12-18-2011, 06:33 AM   #3 
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Location: Shangdong, China
Yeah I seen the warning on quick cure..And thought "it only causes cancer in california?" LOL

Alrighty, I will order maracyn 1 and 2 and quick cure
I have quick cure, tetracyclin and jungle parasite fizz tabs already.
I know quick cure has malachite green in it

What about betta revive? I know it has both malachite green and methlyene blue plus something else as active ingredients.
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Old 12-18-2011, 11:33 AM   #4 
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Betta Revive is basically just a rip off.. it's methylene blue and a weak dose of other things such as Maracyn and as you mentioned, the dangerous malachite green. It does the same things as the medications you have, and are planning on getting.
Have to keep in mind- how many medications can I use at the same time? How many medications should I use in a row for a treatment before it gets to be too much? Am I going to use them all in the next year? Is it worth the money to buy different kinds of medications that do the same thing?

I applaud you want to be prepared, but generally I would just stick with AQ salt, Epsom Salt, General Cure, Maracyn I & II, and what you have already: Quick Cure, Tetracyclin and Jungle parasite fizz tabs.

You are covered for (if you have what I listed and what you already own):
Fin Rot- both bacterial and fungal types
Parasites (both internal and external)
Fungus (Maracyn 2 covers fungus)
Bacterial infections
Open sores
Gill problems

And probably a couple other smaller illnesses. Pretty much you have everything you need in what I listed above. I would also recommend ordering some IAL if you do not already have some.. as it's great for every day use, and for healing purposes.
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This is a great post! Printing!

Should be stickied as a "Things to have in your Betta first aid kit" thread. As some people, like myself, don't live near pet stores or have anyone who knows/keeps fish around. I wish I had known about the meds BEFORE my fishie got sick. KWIM?

What is IAL?
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