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Exclamation I got some problems

*this is a repost* Hey, it's bettafriend here back in action. Had some problems logging in and such, my websense kept saying it was blocked. And now i'm back :D
and i got a new tank for an early christmas present along with a beautiful new pastel blue marble crowntail boy named Toki, got him from a cheap pet shop and he was the prettiest there. I've also got a few questions, firstly the little boy is very bloated at the moment since i accidently dropped too many pellets when i rewarded him. And his crowntail is very curly and not very crowntail looking is there any way to fix it? I've also been training my now 3 bettas, the others died =(
But i've made some progress, they now associate the training stick with feeding time, and little Cobalt has been learning this neat little circle trick haha.

Anyways here are the beautiful three, and please don't get onto me about the tank size, my nanny got it for me and took my other one away, she doesn't really know that much about bettas. Anyways i'll try my best to make my little friends happy :) [IMG]file:///C:/Users/Gaia/Documents/VideosAndPhotos-2011-2012/DSCF6012.JPG[/IMG]Also bit of an update Cobalt finally got rid of that nasty swim bladder :D
Also can i ask you what happened, cobalt used to be a pretty sky blue with pinkish red fins but these days shes an iridescent green with hardly any pink and she used to have a mustard belly. And she's not growing either she's stayed a really small betta. Is there something wrong? and her halfmoon fins havn't grown out
Cobalt earlier this year

Cobalt now

What happened to my pretty girl?
Is there anything i can do to help her?
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Bettas will sometimes change colors- being a female she won't have big fins, nor may not grow as big as a male.

Also what you feed can have a hand in their coloration- as the healthier, more protein and variety they get, the more colorful they can be.. as well as the water care (the water change schedule, water conditioner, etc).. stress and comfort level could also play a part in their coloration.. lack of it, and changing.

I know you said not to get into you about the size of the tanks.. but to determine whether or not it could be a factor in her overall health and coloration-
what size tank are they in and how often, and the % of water changes are you doing?

As for your other questions.. fast the one you overfed for 2-3 days to help his system catch up to the food.
What are you feeding and how much, and how many times a day?

And the curling of the fins usually come from the water- too hard can cause it, as well as the condition the water is in.. again, the size of the tank and cleaning schedule will help determine whether adjusting it may help, or if it's the water hardness- which there is nothing you can really do to stop it, nor fix it for the most part if it's the hardness.

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Thanks so much for the quick reply, as with the fins what i mean is she used to have big fins for a female that is. I just want to make sure my little girl is ok. And she's only just been put in that tank this week but the colouration has been off for months and that's what scares me. And i might be able to pull some strings and get my 5 gal back. But that's if i'm lucky. And i'll deffinately change the food too :)
thanks for all the help
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