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10g community?

I've looked around for good fish to put in a community with a betta, but so far I've seen mostly bottom feeders, a job I was hoping to give to a few shrimp. I'd like to have a few schooling fish if possible, so what other fish would you recommend?
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Personally, I have five neon tetras and four rasboras in my tank with my male betta and have had no problems. Some people are wary of neon tetras as they can be fin nippers. However, I find that if you keep them in a community of five or more, they tend to keep to themselves. If you can find rasboras, I highly recommend them! They are nice little fish that generally cause no problems. However, this is all my experience. Some other members have other experiences, so I would wait for others just in case.
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It really depends on your betta. I got a 10 gallon setup and tried having my betta with 4 panda platys. He freaked out so much he started biting his own tail.

So I took the platys back, and now his tail is growing back out and he is bubble nesting like normal. After that experience, I might try cory catfish because they don't seem to be too fast of swimmers or likely to freak out the betta. Maybe those and a few ghost shrimp.
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I'd recommend ember tetras. I have them in my sorority. They are relaxed, peaceful, very cute, not at all nippy and look gorgeous. They are big enough to hold their own, but small enough that my females have never viewed them as any kind of threat. They look absolutely amazing in a planted tank and have really bright colours in pH of 7 or less. With their tiny bioload, 6-8 plus a betta would look lovely. :)
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