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small question~

i had a betta long time ago when i was a kid. it was blue body w/ red tail (is there a name for that? lol) vt male. it was gorgeous. i had it in a small fish bowl with gravel, no plants. changed the water 1-2 times a week, regular tap water, no conditioner. fish flakes. no sickness. it lived for almost a year. it seemed so easy to take care of.

now that i'm not a kid anymore, why does it seem harder to take care of my fish? o-o
they need water conditioner, heater, variety of food, etc.

idk. i was just thinking.

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It's harder to take care of them properly. Bettas live for 3-5 years, yours lived for one year. They needed all of those things when you were a kid too, but no one informed you about it, or said you could ignore it. One of my males lives 3-4 years when I had them 12 years ago, and they all had betta food and conditioner, filter and heat as needed/available.

It sounds like you'll be doing right by them this time, and that's a great thing.
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Have to agree with styggian here.. they still need the same care then as now- and here with the proper care you are giving now, yours should live a lot longer hopefully!

As for the color question- bi-color, if the tail was completely different then the body, and there was only 2 colors on him. Otherwise just a multi-color. :)
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Sometimes it is also really hard when you see your lovely fish dying despite the most excellent care (heater, filter, large cycled tank with regular water changes, premium diet), whereas someone may keep them in a cup and they live for ages. I think a lot of it has to do with the individual fish. More often than not, you see fish in substandard conditions succumb to illness - my Apollo was kept in a cold litre jar before I got him and his tail fell off as a result.

I hope your new fish lives a long and happy life. :)
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