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Betta - Perfect Ph & Nitrite/Nitrate Balance but still fin loss?


I have had my tank for over a year and i introduced a Betta 2 months after so it had a chance to develop. Once i introduced it the fins on the fish started to rot away. Being new to all this i left the fish in the tank but kept a close eye on it. The fins rotted back to a certain point and then stopped so i thought all was ok.

The fins would start to grow back but when i completed tank maintenance and cleaned the filter and did a water change the fins would fall away again but only ever back to the same point.

I had the betta for 10 months and it recently died so i took my tank water to my local experts who completed a Ph, nitrate and nitrite check and they told me i was perfect so i purchased another betta. I told them what had happened previously so they advised completing a course of Myxazin, which i did. I have now completed the course but my betta has still lost 60% of his tail but he seems happy enough and is having fun bullying the smaller fish in the tank.

What can i do to get him back to his former glory and does anyone have an idea as to why this keeps happening to me when i have what i thought was a perfect balance in the aquarium?

All help would be greatly appreciated.

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What size tank is he in, and what is your cleaning schedule?
What is the temp?
Tank mates?

I'm a little confused.. did the betta with the fin problem pass away? Or was it another, and the new one has the fin issue?

To me it sounds very much like fin biting- which a lot of bettas will do for numerous reasons.

On the edges of the fins, are they blackened and flaking off? Or white with puffy cotton edges? Or do they look like a clean tear?

If you can post a picture of close up, it will help determine whether we have a case of fin rot or tail biting and we can go from there.
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