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Old 12-19-2011, 02:51 PM   #21 
Sena Hansler
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idk if I missed it when skim reading...if someone else already said it...

but if fin rot appears, don't panic. the best remedy is clean water! I have a tail biter and he is permanently in extra care And I'll never have fin rot appear because the water is kept clean :) I suggest just keeping them in the warmest part of our place until you can find a tank(s) and heater(s). higher up (not on the floor) and away from windows is usually best.

good job on getting the fish - and welcome to the forum.

And I agree with Pitluvs. as long as you can maintain the tank, (in my own opinion NOT speaking for others ) I'd say whatever you have will work. I personally have from 1-29 gallons. As long as the water gets tap water conditioner it is deemed safe - it's the chlorine that can make bettas sick, burn, or even die in some cases. For bettas since they have such fragile fins, you can get fabric, silk and live plants that won't snag the betta! To do a test run panty hose along the plant. if it runs, it'll snag the betta.

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Welcome Nolefin!

First off, that was awesome of you to step up & rescue these guys! And the best thing to do when you don't know, is ask questions. I have a couple of mine in 1 gallon tanks, but they have filters, lights, heaters and thermometers. I live in a very cold basement apartment & it gets chilly.

Here would be additional suggestions (not an expert or anything here, just wanted to share what has worked for me-I've done several successful rescues).

1. I'm in college too, so finances are a big concern. Do the best you can with what you can afford. Walmart has a good 1 gallon starter kit with an undergravel filter, airstone, airline tubing, and a lighted hood (so that you don't have to worry about the bettas jumping out-yes they do that!). I have 2 of mine currently in this set up. I've added undergravel heaters for around $10 each and a thermometer that sticks to the outside for under $1.50. The ones I have in there seem pretty happy with that. You can find small betta plants for under a dollar at Petsmart.

2. For the wounds, I use aquarium salt. It's usually on a bottom shelf with the freshwater supplies. My water contains (for newbies esp. if they have wounds or external problems) 10 drops of Start Right and 1/2 rounded teaspoon of aquarium salt (for freshwater fish). I let the salt dissolve fully before putting the water in the fish's tank. I make 4 gallons at a time since I have 10 I'm currently caring for and I go through it quickly. It's good to have extra on hand since it sounds like you have to do more frequent water changes.

3. Sakura is right about the towels. They help keep in warmth. Bettas don't love temp fluctuations.

Any questions, please ask! Some of us are on here regularly & I know several that are very knowledgeable. Welcome to the club-it sounds like the Betta bug has bitten you ;)
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i'm just over here, casually using candle holders as caves, with perfectly healthy fish. :V

also, one gallons aren't PERFECT for them. it depends on you, and your betta. some hate one gallons. some hate bigger tanks. :T
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Old 12-19-2011, 03:26 PM   #24 
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Originally Posted by Luimeril View Post

i'm just over here, casually using candle holders as caves, with perfectly healthy fish. :V

also, one gallons aren't PERFECT for them. it depends on you, and your betta. some hate one gallons. some hate bigger tanks. :T
Good point-each fish is different :)
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Sena Hansler
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I've used misc. stuff for ornaments I have seen people use ceramic items (figurines, cups, vases). Certain stuff of course you shouldn't use such as metals (leaks chemicals, rusts) or certain plastics. Lego is safe though o_O
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Welcome! And congrats on getting bitten by the betta bug :)

Originally Posted by Jrf456 View Post
Very nice of you to rescue them(:

Don't listen to the people who tell you otherwise. 1g tanks are perfect for bettas!

I use 1 gallons for a couple of my boys- one is very young and small, and another hates anything larger- in a 2 gallon he would hardly swim and eat, but is very active and eats in a 1 gallon.
As long as you maintain the proper water changes in a 1 gallon and heat it appropriately, it can be a fine tank.

Change there water 50% ONCE a week and 100% once a week. 50% every day will stress them out and cause damage.
That is correct for a non-filtered small tank.

I also suggest to either use filtered drinking water or buy water conditioner, tap water will kill them.
Actually, tap water is the best water to use.. as filtered/drinking/bottled, distilled water lacks the appropriate minerals and nutrients needed to keep the betta healthy. Tap water with water conditioner is what you need.

2-3 pellets 2x daily is fine. I suggest getting freeze dried blood worms, they sell them at pet stores. They're a yummy treat that bettas LOVE, feed them those 2x a week instead of the pellets. Make sure to skip 1 day a week of feeding to insure they don't get bloated.
You don't have to skip a day- they won't get bloated if you don't. I will skip a meal here and there, but have yet to ever skip one full day. It won't hurt them, and even in the wild they will tend to skip now and again. But don't worry if you don't skip a day now and again, as it won't cause bloating if you don't.

When you get the chance, I suggest you buy gravel, plastic plants, and some kind of aquarium cave. Remember to NEVER use any other type of decoration in their bowls than actual tank decorations. No plastic figures, no vinyl craft store flowers, NOTHING other than actual fish products.
Be careful when buying a plastic plant, as a lot of them have sharp or rough edges that can easily tear their fins- always best to use silk plants (if not real) for male bettas. Stay away from plastic plants that have points or edges.
There are some things that shouldn't be placed into a tank, such as metal and some painted objects.. but you can place different decorations in tanks- I used coffee mugs, plastic cups (colored see through type) which I have 2 that adore theirs (they use them as a cave), and even some figurines are fine. You just have to be careful that the paint won't come off- normally items that have been kiln fired and glazed is fine. Even aquarium specific items have had their paints bubble off- it's a matter of common sense when putting items in the tanks. Silk plants you buy for decorating the house work too- make sure there is no perfume on them, and no wires are exposed. I use those to make themes in some of my tanks- like fall leaves on the bottom with dark rocks when fall came, etc.
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask! And we want pics when it's set up!
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Old 12-20-2011, 10:19 AM   #27 
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EBay is a good way to find heaters and decorations but you may need to be patient.

Also its good to have epsom salt and aquarium salt on hand as well.
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Originally Posted by Nolefin View Post
Hi everyone! I'm in a little bit of an emergency I guess you could say. I'm a college student, one of my best friends is an RA at one of the dorms on campus. Yesterday she was finishing cleaning up the dorm and getting ready to leave after all of the residents had left for winter break when she noticed someone had left two bettas in a very small (1/2 gallon-ish) bowl next to the trash disposal. One of the bettas had already started eating the others' fins/tail to the point where it was almost completely gone. She had to find someone to adopt them the same day otherwise she would have had to flush them or throw them out or something. I've always wanted fish so I rescued them. I just don't know what to do now... here's what I've done so far:

That's so nice of you!! :)

1.) Got them separate bowls. They each have a one gallon plastic unfiltered/unheated bowl. I know they should have bigger tanks but I am in college and broke so that's not possible right at this moment (I'll probably have enough money within 4-6 months realistically).

As long as you change the water often enough, that should be okay for now :)

2.) They each have two little "beta bulb" plants in their bowl, and I'm getting a small rock or cave for each bowl so they will have something to rest on or hide behind.

3.) Because the tanks are unheated, every few hours I've been filling a plastic baggy of warm water and clipping it to the inside of the tank to kind of warm up the rest of the water -- is this a bad idea?

That should be fine, as long as they can't burn themselves on it. Except for the temp fluctuations, if you can keep it at a stable temp, it would be fine.

4.) I feed them two tiny pellets twice daily.

Perfecto, lol :)

5.) I'll need to do a 50% water change every other day and a full water change about every 10 days from what I've read so far because their bowls are small and unfiltered. Is this correct?

In a 1 gal, I would do 1 50% and 1 100% Change a week :)

6.) I cover the tops of their bowls at night so they don't jump out.

That's good, as long as there's air holes in the top, since bettas breathe air.

What else should I be doing? Is there anything I can do to help the betta whose tail was eaten off by the other betta heal? Are the things I'm doing now okay for the fish?
For the tail bitten one, I would do daily 100% water changes, as clean water will help it grow back. If you can, AQ salt would help too. Ask Myates or OldFishLady for the correct dosing. (I do believe Kosher salt is the same thing as AQ salt, so you could use that if you don't have access to AQ salt. I've done that before and it helped my little guy a lot :) )

Any help would be awesome! Also, I know everyone cringed when they read that each betta was in a 1 gallon plastic bowl -- I know they need bigger tanks and I'm working on that, but I figured a 1 gallon plastic bowl was better than nothing for now until I can afford something better.

Good luck!! :)

Thank you!
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Old 12-20-2011, 02:18 PM   #29 
Sena Hansler
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I still recommend hot water bottles around the tank rather than a baggy in :) But it is nice you have them now and are looking for advice!

also, I didn't cringe. :p keep it clean... all I have to say.
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New Member
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Everyone else seems to have covered your questions. I'd like to say that you're a wonderful person for rescuing those fish.
At my dorm, my RA said that once they found FERRETS that were left over break. People can be cruel :(
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