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My Betta is acting weird

Had a betta for 3 months now since we picked it up from PetSmart. 10gal tank, heated to 80, yada yada yada. Now it's grown healthy, it's tail filled out, eats like a pig. Was labled as a half-moon but when the fins filled out, it turned out to be a veil-tail.

Last night I did a 75% water change like I always did, used prime for new water, etc.

This morning it is acting weird. It always clamors to the front of the tank when someone is near, but since the water change, it's staying at the back of the tank. Cant even feed it because it won't come to the front.

Did I do something wrong?

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Hi Hobbesk - welcome to the forum. Sorry your little guy isn't doing well. You'll want to open a thread in the "Disease and Emergency" section so we know that you're having a health concern. There's a sticky posted there where you'll be asked to answer some questions on his habitat, feeding, water parameters, etc. It sounds like a chemical issue - can you post your water parameters? ie. ammonia levels, nitrites, etc. Some times we forget to use the water conditioner when we do water changes and that can cause that type of behavior. Or perhaps it's a spray chemical like furniture polish, hair spray, etc. Just fill out the sticky and folks will step in and help you out. Good luck!
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I would go ahead and fill out the sticky Flowers mentioned..

As she said, you could of forgotten the water conditioner.

It could be a number of things- 10 gallons filtered you would only want to be doing 25-30% water change each week with regular vacuuming- if you go too long between water changes and then do a large water change it could cause them to go into shock. Also, acclimating properly to both temp and chemistry is important when doing large water changes.

When you fill out the sticky, go ahead and list anything else that has changed with him- clamped fins, lethargy, loss of color, rapid breathing, etc if there is anything else to comment on.
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