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Fin rot doesn't look normal (pictures and questions answered), please help!

Housing: 1.6 g, 78F constant/stable heated, no filter, no aeration

Food:pellets, 2x daily 2 pellets each feeding, sometimes a small snack inbetween (freezedriedb-worms) but when i first got him he took to 2 meals 3 pellets each very well

honestly, i have been slacking recently so i understood the fin rot. 100% every 1 and a half weeks, 60-70% when i remember (3-4 days). conditioner, methylene blue, epsom for 3 days was added

Water Parameters: n/a, but recently (2 days ago) the plumbing system of this building was cleaned out completely so the water may be a little.. questionable. it's a bit yellow to say the least still. I have taken him out and ended up using purely cold water (since cold water doesn't pass through the hot water plumbing) & heating up the water as I edit this post to include this information. I'm not sure if it is as simple as this problem but i hope it is. i've grown attached to my little rescue although i didn't have much hope for him as i was on a betta-death streak unfortunately.

Symptoms and Treatment
How has your betta fish's behavior changed? no behavior change, but yesterday i found my substrate has been pushed apart in the back/middle of the tank as well as inside his double barrel decoration (moses parting water style)
When did you start noticing the symptoms? a week ago, i started noticing the some dorsal fin rays getting curly and some uh.. uncovered by finnage? it looked spikey.
Have you started treating your fish? If so, how? ever since i got him probably a month or two ago i had him in a very dilute solution of methylene blue since he was a pity purchase. recently i also noticed his poop was a bit "chunky" and he had some trouble going which manifested in a slightly over rounded tummy. i never paid attention to his poop but it seemed to always have been like this except this time it was really big and rounded instead of tube like.

Does your fish have any history of being ill? i purchased him, hoping to nurse him back to full finnage. as you can see in the pictures, there's a big rip in his tail fin which is healing. there was no growth when i took him home but he has now progressed nicely, half way there. other than that i have no knowledge of his previous issues.

full left:

full right:

tail, ray looks abnormal - inflamed, red.

before the piece of the tail broke off

piece of tail that fell off - it was a different color from the tail, grey

close up of tail fin

red body line

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I would stop methylene blue, as it's not needed as a precautionary.. over exposure will actually lead to resistance.

He does look to have a small case of fin rot- possibly brought on by fin biting.. I see some clear mouth shaped chunks missing.. silly fish!

Go ahead and do the AQ salt treatment on him for it..

1 tsp per gallon of AQ salt, dissolve before putting him in it, water conditioner.. daily 100% water changes for no longer then 10 days. That should kill off the bacteria with the rot.

For a 1.6 gal tank, no filter, it is recommended to do 1 50% and 1 100% water change per week.. it will help with the regrowth of his fins as well- you can add in a couple drops of Stress Coat with your water conditioner, or use it as the water conditioner as it promotes fin growth.

As for the red line.. it's typical to see that in fish that are pale in body color- such as yours.
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I second this. Looks like a tail biter and his biting got him into some trouble! Follow Myates' instructions!
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his mouth isn't that big, and the chunks that fell off causing the C shape was really really big. i'm a little worried because he was digging in his gravel which he never did before, and he seems to be flashing a bit. his body didn't used to be like that and the pictures don't quite do it the entire justice. his end portion of the body is red whereas it used to be flesh colored.

when i bought him with the split tail, he did have some signs of tail biting that i couldn't get to heal in the anal fin but the fin rot now is probably 3-4x the size of his mouth ~_~

i will add in the aq salt and have already taken him out of the methylene blue last night. do you think tetracycline will help if he doesn't respond to treatment?

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