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Sena Hansler
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Grrr Shiloh come on!

Okay, as some may know I have rescued a lovely little male, Shiloh. He was in the pet store all beaten up, so many scales missing, and with very little left of his fins from the tank they tossed his carelessly into (either cichlids, or another betta happened to be in there as those are the ONLY fish that could have dealt that damage!). He is missing pieces of one face plate, he can only half flare... Such a piece of work!

So, I got him, kepy his water clean, avoided fin rot His fins began to grow back, and I was about to adopt him out with other bettas (all who found good homes) and then he started biting his fins... Chopping off the clear growth

So, I put him into a nice 20 gallon that had been cleaned out previously. I added purple gravel, live plants, and ornaments he can hide in (which he does at night ). There is a sponge filter, set gentle. Heater too, keeping it at... 78. Still has some tannin tinge in it

Anyways, now he has ich. I expected it too o.o because of how he was acting, before anything showed yesterday. So, I'll be treating him with aquarium salt... after removing the plants and quarantining them in buckets.

Poor little Shiloh! I know that catching the ich now means he won't be overwhelmed with ich, and can grow a better immunity if he encounters it again. But it is frustrating to have multiple problems with one fish o.o

Good news is, he has yet to bite his fins again since being in the 20.
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