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Finned friend
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Exclamation EMERGENCY: Swim bladder is becoming MORE severe rapidly!!

Male Betta
Pink Veil tail
Tank size: 1 gallon
No filter
No heater
Is fed: Topfin Color enhancing pellets
Water conditioner used: Prime Water conditioner
Weekly water changes are done
NOTE: Aquarium salt was added today, because I read that it is beneficial for treating Swim Bladder Disorder.

Earlier today, I noticed all of a sudden that my betta had an inflated belly and was losing his buoyancy slightly. He would try hard to swim to the bottom, but slowly float up. I do not feed him loads, only 1-2 pellets per day. I just changed his water today and I 'diagnosed' him with Swim bladder disorder. I intended to fast him for 3-4 days and then feed him a frozen peeled pea thawed in water, but in just 2-3 hours his belly has enlarged visibly even more! I have not fed him at all since I noticed this and I think there might be something more happening here. What can this be and how can this be treated?

My betta is now struggling to swim and has most likely given up on fighting to swim. He floats at the top of his bowl for a while.
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Aquarium salt worsens swim bladder issues.

Get him in plain, treated water for a little bit and then switch him to 1-2 tsp/gal epsom salt.

Aquarium salt is external, Epsom salt is internal.
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1 gallon tank needs at least twice weekly changes. Some recommend 100% every other day. At the least, try to do 50% and 100% a week and make sure any uneaten food is removed immediately.

When your betta lost his buoyancy, had you perhaps done a water change? If the temp of the new water isn't similar to the old water, he can get temperature shock and lose control of his swim bladder.
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cure, emergency, floating at the top, swim bladder

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