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Help required for new pet xander

Well hes finally moved in his new tank and i think it holds more than 10litres of water..he was very happy and swimmin bout all night..i bought an aquarium decoration like a broken pot..but he seems to be more fond of the filter at one end of the tank!keeps howering about it...HASN'T REGAINED HIS APPETITE..that worries me a lot..the bowl was small and he used to recognise me when i was about to feed him and come to the surface to get his food.but this tank is large for him to recognise my presence and he doesnt like his food if its left floating around...India is a tropical country and the room temperature is around 75-80fahrenheit only.Should I still use a heater?
Can you please recommend a good betta fish water conditioner?Brand name trying to get his food flakes from the bigger city..may be a change in diet will do him some good...i know that betta like to be near the surface of the tank and may be thats the reason he keeps howering about the filter cause it extends beyond the surface...Should i get a decoration where it extends from the tank bottom to the surface?
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With the filter, you have two options: baffle it, or remove it. With one 50% and one 100% change per week, the tank will stay clean even without a filter.

I know India is nice and warm, but a 5 degree fluctuation isn't ideal. Temperature change can be dangerous. I would get a heater just to help with temperature stability, and in case of any freak weather conditions (with fish, I don't think it hurts to be a little paranoid. :p).

Rather than flakes, which are generally not great, try getting some betta pellets, like Hikari, if you can. Bloodworms are also a great treat and may tempt him to start eating again. Only give the worms to him once or twice a week, though.

The best water conditioner (IMO) is Prime, by Seachem. Many members on here also swear by API Stresscoat.

Does he have some decorations in his new tank? If he is still getting used to the bigger space, he may be nervous without plants/caves etc to hide in, and the filter may be providing some shelter for him. With some caves and plants he will feel more confident and start to use the whole tank. :)

I hope this gives you some help!
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You didn't tell me in your PM that the filter was too strong

What filter are you using?

As mentioned above, you don't have to use a filter in a 2.5 gallon, as long as you do a 50% and 100% every week water change- or what I find works for me for my 2 gallons is just a 100% every 4 days- but that is me, you will find what works best for you, just as long as you get that 100% in each week.

If you choose that you want to keep the filter, then depending upon the type it is, you can baffle it. An aquarium sponge inside the outflow, held on by a clean rubber band will work to baffle it. You are basically just trying to make the current slower- you can also use a rubber band and tie on some panty hose on the intake valve on the bottom as well to help minimize the intake of water.

I already gave you some tips on the other subjects, but just wanted to catch you up on the filter thing, since it seems to be bothering him.
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