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Community feeding

So, my question is, how do you keep other fish from eating betta bits, and your betta from eating another fishes food. If this is excessively difficult, what are a few fish whose food a betta won't bother (something that would eat algae wafers for example)
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Unless you cup the betta and feed him seperately, he will snack on the other fish's food, and they will eat his. In my sorority I also have a bunch of community fish. I feed them community micropellets, betta micropellets and sinking cory pellets. Everyone eats a little bit of everything and nobody suffers as a result. :)

Some good starting fish with bettas are cories, since they are bottom dwellers and bettas don't usually bother them. Peaceful bettas will also do ok with ember tetras, (sometimes) neon tetras, algae eaters etc. Just make sure that any tankmates are suitable for your tank (no common plecos in anything less then a 55 gallon, for example) and that you don't try tankmates in less than a 10 gallon. Also avoid overstocking. :)
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