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Very Shy Betta?

Three days ago, I got a new betta named Regulus. He's a lovely halfmoon male and he was quite healthy and energetic since the store had gotten a shipment just the previous night, so he hadn't even been on the shelf for a full day. In the car, he was so energetic! My sister was holding his cup and he was swimming around and flaring at her hand.

I put him in a 2.5 gallon tank that's both filtered and heated and he immediately went and hid. I figured he was just getting used to his new home. When I fed him and he didn't come out to eat, I just assumed that he'd been fed at the pet store and wasn't hungry. But now, three days later, he still hides all the time. Most of the time, I see him in a little cup I put in to be a cave. If he is out, as soon as I take the glass cover of his tank he darts to find somewhere to hide. He doesn't even come up for food and only eats if a piece of food happens to sink to the bottom near where he's hiding.

It's not like being picky can be an excuse, either. I've given him pellets, flakes, FD krill, and FD blood worms. Nothing has been able to tempt him out of hiding... Should I be worried?
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I'd say he's fine, as long as he seems healthy, and is just nervous because he isn't used to all the space. I suggest putting him in a quiet, dark place so awhile until he gets more comfortable. Maybe wrap a towel around his tank? I wouldn't worry about his eating habits yet either...they can go quite sometime without eating. He might just need awhile to get used to all these changes.
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I think that every once in awhile you get one that just isn't very sociable. I had a male crowntail once that would literally turn his back on me every time he saw me. He never did warm up to me and was like that until the day he died.
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