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20gallon sorrority tank mates/plants

Planning on having five or six females instead of the original ten.
Heated of course(probably around 78 unless end up with no tank mates then it will be 80 for just the girls).
With, say, six females in the 20gallon what(other then snails/shrimp) can would make alright tank mates?

I'm really only asking because i currently have no fish other then bettas and the 20gallon will be displayed in the living room and I think a little variety would look better.

Also, plants. I"ve never done a soil-planted tank. The only places with tank plants here are petsmart and walmart that I know about. Walmart has this really long grass like plant that could easily reach the top of my 20gallon, would this be ok planted in gravel(don't remember the name of it). Petsmart has things like java fern and such, again are these ok in gravel?

Might be getting a marimo ball aswell at some point...though i wish they sold different sizes, i just want a couple really tiny ones and I don't think the size they have is worth $7 for one. >< but they're so cute.
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Are you planning a dirt based tank or a regular gravel.....

For a 20gal-you could add a bushynose pleco- usually you can find the long fin albino and they look really nice and will do well in a 20gal-especially with live plants....

You have a lot of directions you can go as far as stocking in a 20gal....I would look at the pet shop you plan to buy from and see what you like-write down the names and then research to see if you can meet their needs....

Find out the names of the plants you like and research them-a lot of the plants sold anymore-especially in tubes are not true aquatic plants and only end up being more problems for a system.....
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