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Question Good food; freeze dried vs. frozen

I'm looking to put more variety in my boy's diet. I used to feed him Hikari pellets, but I found out that wheat meal or something was the first ingredient and switched to Omega One. He absolutely loves them. What pellets have you guys had good experiences with?
Also, on the topic of food...freeze dried or frozen blood worms or brine shrimp? If I get them, do I just drop the cubes in the water or chop them up and feed a few pieces?
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You can thaw a chunk of bloodworms in a little tank water in a small jar, then feed. Freezedried bloodworms I just sprinkle in. I haven't done brine shrimp, but I'd bet you could just crumble some in, too.

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You don't want to feed a whole cube to a single betta at once, and you can't refreeze.. for the cubed ones I would cut off a part of it, thaw it in tank water, and using tweezers- feed 2-3 per meal of the blood worms, and 3-4 of brine shrimp if they are small.

But if you get the flat frozen type, as mentioned above you can just cut off a chunk, defrost and feed a few per meal.

Either one is good to feed (frozen vs. freeze dried)- frozen is a little more healthier and normally more loved.
Blood worms or shrimp is just fine. Personally, I would go with the blood worms since they are insectivores and the worms would fit more into their natural diet.
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