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Believe it or not Drax is still alive and well, from such humble starts as a free dorm fish now a year later in his lavish... Well now not so spacious... Tank heh...

No really... Drax is alive hahaha... He may hate me now however hehehe...

Why the compatibility forum? Oh? Did I try again with tank mates?


At another Petco I met a very avid BETTA owner who saves bettas and actually tries to keep them in the main tanks... So far he has had many success stories.

Drax now lives with a group of 7 Neon Tetras. I have named... Well for fun...
Mary, Tyler, Moore, Larry, Curly, Moe, Shemp.

Along with a lone ghost shrimp since they only had one...

The tank has never been so... Pretty (thankfully I'm still OCD with regular cleaning) the old java has sent many little javas all over... The Anubias is giant now! As well as many other things... Seems the simpler plants thrive a lot better than fancy ones... Even a simple Peacock fern disintegrated in a few days... Oh well the umbrella ferns seem to be hanging on. As well as a few weird hybrid java/Anubias plants... No idea the name... Months ago... But its thriving like mad! I think since a lot of the debris seems to settle at it's roots.


Just a small update to say hello! That Drax is alive and well and my tank is now fully stocked and no one died! They all get along famously!

So ciao for now! Happy Holidays!
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