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Just Quirky?

So I bought my new guy just this past Monday (there was some soap opera-ing going on with two females and only one male) and I've noticed some interesting things about him. Just an fyi: I bought him from PetSmart, whereas my other three are all from Petco.

The behavior I have the biggest question about is when I'm feeding him. He's eating, that's not the problem at all (he was actually eating the first day -- I decided to see since he saw the other three being fed twice since I brought him home), but he acts as though he either doesn't see it or has a hard time seeing it at the surface of the water. He swims around it, he'll swim right under it and stop, and sometimes he goes to eat it but overshoots by just a bit before getting it.

If it sinks he gets it no problem, usually before it reaches the bottom. He also likes to search his gravel and, as far as I know, any sunken pieces have been eaten even once they've landed. But he goes along, stopping frequently and checking the crevices of his gravel, then moves along and checks different crevices.

He's blowing a lot of bubbles, so I'm thinking he's happy -- they're not quite bubblenests, but there's more bubbles in his tank than in Ezra's. Quite a few of them are good-sized bubbles, but the only thing that would make sense is that he's blowing them.

But I'm just wondering if this is within the normal range of behaviors. Is Kostya just quirky? Is it possible he might have a slight vision problem given his behavior when the pellets are at the surface?

It doesn't seem to matter what kind of light there is or what time of day. Also, from what I've seen there appears to be nothing wrong with his eyes (i.e. no cloudyness or anything).

I figured the Care forum was a more appropriate place to post this since it's not an emergency and not something that, I'm assuming, needs any sort of treatment. He seems to be healthy, and he's active and alert (whenever I look at him when he's doing something he immediately stops and looks at me) -- he just seems...quirky. I'm just seeking opinions on whether his feeding-time behaviors are another quirk or something else.

And apologies for the wall of text.
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