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Tiny Crickets as treats

I buy feeder crickets to feed my bearded dragon in large quantities, usually 5 dozen at a time. I gut load them with cricket feed, etc, until they are fed to him. I have occasionally fed the bettas I have owned in the past and the one I have at this second tiny, tiny pinhead crickets as a little treat. I only feed the tiniest ones I have in the box: less than 1/4 inch long ones, and I fast the day after. The bettas have always torn the crickets to bits, usually eating one leg at a time, and eventually eating the body as well. I've never noticed this causing any bloat or constipation issues. Thoughts?
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I very recently gave my fish each a pinhead cricket (with the exception of Kostya: didn't have him yet), in fact it was their Christmas treat. They loved them.

I looked into it first and saw mention of others doing the same. So long as any uneaten cricket is taken out in a timely fashion, I don't see any issue if that's what you mean. I also didn't have any problems, and the crickets seemed to fill their stomachs less than the thawed out bloodworms I fed them the day before.
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Seems like a good idea :D Next time I'm at a pet store I'll be sure to pick some up. I used to keep baby toads and had to feed these to them. But would the spikes on the jumping legs hurt them? I always had to pop those off before feeding to the toads. They would damage their throats. But it would be a nice live treat a protein source for a betta.
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I never read anything about needing to do anything special to them, but if it makes you feel better then, by all means, go for it.

By the way, out of curiosity, do you mean the little toads you see hopping around outside? My brother and I used to catch and keep toads and frogs and we always had a harder time with feeding the toads, particularly the little ones -- we often had to take them outside in order for them to eat or else we'd release them while they were still healthy and strong. We had a Green Frog though that was the best frog ever: he'd eat anything.

I'd still love another Green Frog someday.
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