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Exclamation Small tank filtration question!

I am looking into a setup for my Betta fish and I'm almost done gathering all the needed supplies, but I really would like a nice filtration system for a 5.5 gallon tank. I would prefer if it was as quiet as possible since it will be in my bedroom, but it isn't entirely a concern. My main concern is that it is safe to use with my Betta, keeps the tank clean, easy enough to clean, and won't disturb my new little friend. I'm not too picky on price, but obviously I wouldn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it either.

I'm just looking for some personal experience on the subject, it's been a difficult task finding a filter system that can be used in a 5.5 gallon tank. :/
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In my opinion, a sponge filter system is the way to go. I use one in my 5.5gal.
current is easy to control with the turn of a dial, easy to clean, just squeeze out the sponge in some old aquarium water. The air pump is the most expensive component, I think I paid less than $10 for the pump and about $5 for the sponge filter.
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I bought the Elite mini sponge filter for my 3 gallon and I really like it. It requires no air pump. I've also heard of people using it as a CO2 diffuser. I had to baffle the output by covering it with filter sponge and securing it with an elastic. I really like it. I also stuffed extra sponge in the compartment. It is quiet until it gets dirty and makes a weird sound. After you wipe off the gunk, it is good to go again. Perfect for small tanks.
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The Azoo palm is a nice little HOB filter--adjustable and neary silent. I wasn't sure I would like it at first, but now I love it and keep an extra on hand for backup.
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Reference Team
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Azoo palm for the win. Just a fantastic filter for small tanks.
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For a 5.5g a small HOB (like the Azoo palm or aquaclear 20) or sponge filter would work. If your fish is an HM or other long finned type the sponge filter would make swimming easier and tail biting less of a possability than with the HOB.
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Small tank filtration question!

With a larger small (or any size really) HOB like the AC20, you can break off fins from the impeller which will reduce the flow rate. Between that and the flow adjustment (with the AC20), you can dial the current down to whatever you need.

I very much prefer not to take up space in a small tank with a filter - it's already small enough as it is.
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Old 04-13-2014, 09:23 AM   #8 
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When I bought my Betta a new 4 gal tank it came with everything a 4 gal desktop is to need. HA HA first off there is no heater and the filter is for 100gph. The tank came with an LED hood with both white and blue lights. all in all it is a nice setup. The changes I made to the tank are to heater and filter. First Don't buy a preset heater for a tank that is in a room less than 72 degrees, they wont come up to or maintain a 78 degree temp. I bought a 25w heater that I have set to 78 degrees and it does a very nice job (stays within -+1/2 degree.) Second I at first reduced the water flow on the filter This does not affect the GPH or filtration in any way it just defuses the water flow. I cut a clear water bottle at both ends than cut it down on both ends just a little longer than the flow shoot. I cut about a half inch out of the center to form a C taped the top of the plastic to the filter housing and put the rest under the flow shoot. Does a very fine job and my beta loves the tank. I have since found a 30GPH filter from Finnex It is an HOB and this filter does a really nice job and all my water balances are just right . It cost an amazing $11.75 USD and the filter cartriges for a pack of 8 run $9.99 USD from Finnex. Sponge filters are great in tanks that are not planted and really do a nice job for Beta tanks. However my tank is also a Nano tank. so an HOB does very nice.

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