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How can I interacts itch my fish?

So my fish is fin biting I heard that one possible cause was little to no human interaction. So I got to thinking. I thought about how much time I spend with my fish. I spend about fifteen minutes a day on care and about thirty minutes watching my fish. I draw stuff on his tank with a dry-erase marker for maybe five minutes a day and he likes it. So, I don't spend much time actually interacting with him. Even if this isn't the reason for his fin biting, I still want to know how I can interact with him.

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Fish don't need interaction like cats or dogs do, since it's not as though you can reach in and pet them or play catch with them. Generally, as long as your fish can see you for at least part of the day (ie. they're in the same room as you) and you come over to see them occasionally, feed them, etc, they should be fine on the "human interaction" level.

A better word for describing what can often cause fin-biting is a lack of stimulation; that may come in the form of human interaction, but it can come from many other places as well. Your tank should large (2.5+ gallons at a bare minimum) and filled with hiding places, plants, caves, etc--lots of things to "do" for your betta. I have a small/young betta that I just placed in a 5G and although he was fin-bitten when we purchased him, he's healing up nicely and has expressed no interest in fin-biting since his tank is so full and has lots of hiding places! Some bettas also really like marimo moss balls and will push them around, things like this can also provide entertainment for your betta.

Ultimately, some bettas are just fin-biters though. In the same way some humans don't like to have long hair, some fish don't like to have long fins. If you're sure your betta has a great setup and you interact with them as often as you can, he may just be a chronic biter. The best thing you can do for him is keep his water clean. :)
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Thanks! I have heard that terra cotta pots work well as caves. Would it be safe to maybe replace his archway with a nice pot?
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Buddy swims over when I wave in the direction of his tank...but I may be reading into that. LOL.
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How about a small pot AND an archway. And some floating plants for shade and to sleep in. Maybe a plastic bottle cap. A big mirror to flare in. And on.....
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Overprotective Fish Lover
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My new little boy, Gabriel, loves to just look at my face. He's fascinated by me. I just put my face right up to the glass and he swims over and just stares at me while I contort my face into strange expressions for his viewing pleasure. And he loves to follow my finger along the glass.

Of course, that said, my last fish would dart away whenever I put my finger on the glass, and was quite contented to do his own thing. He was only interested in me if I was giving him food. So I guess it depends on the fish, what they find interesting. Experiment with different things to see what he has the most "fun" doing. Good luck!
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