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Betta fish died, should I empty the tank before I add another?

I had a male betta in a 10 gal tank and everything was going wonderfully. I had to go out of town for a week and I had a friend come by and feed him. a day or so after i came home I noticed that he looked really fat! The next day his stomach looked more pronounced so I fasted him for a day to see if he looked any better. the next day he looked worse and he started turning white, not like a growth but his scales just changed colors (no trouble swimming) i tried to give him a mashed up pea and he wouldn't even touch it. the next day he wouldn't move at all and then that night he died :( I'm pretty sure my friend over fed him while I was gone. ugh. eventually i'm going to get another betta but my question is do I have to empty and clean out the tank? since my old betta wasn't infected with anything the water should have all that good bacteria right? he wasn't dead in the water very long before i fished him out. I want to give my new betta the best shot i can so let me know if there's anything i should do
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The water does not hold the bacteria, like the substrate, decor, and filter media does. I would do 100% water change and test the parameters with an API master FW test kit before adding another fish. If he overfed there may be uneaten food and extra organics. Siphon the bottom and make sure it is nice and clean. Squeeze out the filter media in the water you remove from the tank. There could be an ammonia spike if there was too much food. He may have been bloated or gotten dropsy.
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