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Originally Posted by Texasguy View Post
Yea there is a lot of turth to this but there is also not. I've been there collecting bettas not a yr ago and 85% of the bettas we got came from streams less then 1 ft deep and a ft wide at any point in the stream it would drop in depth to less then a inch and there would be more betta albimarginata. and falx in this lower level water then in the deeper water. I went with a Thialand breeder who found almost all his wilds in small small watering holes left by rain over flowing streams. Yes there are alot of miss consaption oout there that they live in larger rice patties but most are found in water less then a foot deep. I'd say 85% to 70% of all we collocted was in very small water puddles.
I believe this is because they are beached there. They use their jumping skills to hop from stream to stream, and they got stuck in one smaller stream they use to hop to the larger body of water.
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I keep my betta with 3 other platies in a 10 gallon tank, they do make for a nice looking tank.
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Yes they do. That doesn't mean the like it.
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This has been a really interesting thread to read through! Although I feel like the first post definitely needs to be updated, with working links to sources.

Now I feel like my 6L tank may not be enough for my fish - though for a long time he seemed to do very well in it (although I don't know very much about fighting fish behaviour and can't be sure)!

It's kind of silly, though, to compare wild and domestic counterparts of animals. Wolves (I'm not so sure about other wild dogs) and lions go through "starvation" periods in the wild where they are unable to bring down prey, and this is normal. In fact, some zoos try to emulate this by not feeding their (wild) animals some days. However, in terms of our companion dogs and cats, it is unthinkable that we would starve them one day of every seven. So, to say that for half a year a fighting fish would normally live in less than 30cm of water, therefore the same should be done in a household tank is a little ridiculous.

Just because something is done a certain way in the wild, does not mean it is the best way.
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Wild bettas and betta splendans in SE Asia

I got to see wild bettas and betta splendans in Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia while I was in those countries. They were in rice paddy, and irrigation canals and lotus ponds and in large cement jars that a lot of people keep in their couryards. The paddies and canals and ponds are a couple feet deep in the dry season--like up to your knees--and deeper in monsoon season--waist high. The jars are about 2 feet deep and about 2 to 3 feet across.

From what I could see, the fish stay near the surface under lotus leaves or whatever plants are growing at the surface and eat mosquito larvae.
The air temps are between mid 80-s to 90's during the day and maybe as low as mid-70's at night. I didn't have a themometer, so I neer took the temperture of the water, but it was probably somewhat graduated--warmer at the surface and cooler down at the bottom in the daytime and vice versa at night?

One really clever thing around some buildings in Cambodia is a rectangular canal that is about a foot wide and a foot and a half to two feet deep and filled with water plants and bettas. It totally surrounds the buildings which are built on pilings that go into the water. This keeps ants out of the building. People just step over the canal.

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Reference Team
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Nice add, Jan. Thank you. Welcome to the forum.
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This thread was a great read :) I tried to link someone to it earlier who pulled the "puddle" nonsense on me, but they just swore at me and refused to read it. *sigh* some people just can't be helped!

It would be nice to see an updated OP though, with fully working pictures and links.
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Post What makes you sure?

Originally Posted by herefishy View Post
Bettas don't live in tiny puddles, but some killies do.
How you can say it for sure? I could not understand? Are you a pro? Or doing a research on this topic?
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Thanks for providing this info.
I have a Betta handbook and the photos of the natural environment for them shows a small stream like area, not a puddle. There are so many misconceptions about Betta fish. A woman at my work keeps hers in a bowl. It might be about 1 gallon. I feel sorry for the boy but I guess he's used to it too. I've tried to inform people about what the betta needs are without preaching but it's difficult.

The best way to get the most accurate info is to search different sources. It sounds like you've done that :)
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