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QT already being used...

I have a nice 3 yr old red betta. The poor guy developed a touch of fin rot and what looks like some pretty bad mouth fungus. I think this happened after introducing a new plant in the main tank. Everything except this betta seems back to normal, so my intent is to give him a week of erythromycin.

I would normally put him in my QT tank and dose him, as I have done twice before, but this time I happen to have some new fish in the 2.5 gal QT tank and I'm not ready to put them in my main tank yet.

Of course, I could dose the entire QT tank and put the betta in there. However, I'd rather not dose other fish that don't really need it. Also, the QT is fully cycled--I'd rather not crash it.

So, this got me to wondering what people do for treating their bettas in terms of tank size preferences?

I have a little 0.75 gallon tank with no filter. It's sort of small, but it would save on medication costs. And, I'm wondering if he might actually prefer water without any current for the week? Of course, I will do partial water changes daily.

Also, I wonder for this sort of treatment what temperature would be recommended (he's used to about 76F).

Thanks for any help!
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For quarantine and treatment alot of people use smaller tanks. I tend to use a .8 gal or a rubbermaid container with about 1 gal of water.
Since it is just for treatment it should be ok, as long as you can keep it warm enough for him.
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I decided to use the small tank (about 2 litres) and medicate the betta with erythromycin.

Borrowed a heater, 80F.
No filter, 6 hrs/day aeration.
25% water changes daily.

Some improvements in appetite, no clenched fins, and decided reduction of the white areas on the head/mouth in a bit less than 3 days thusfar.
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