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My complicated Kris - SBD

I took Kris home Dec 13th from the local pet store, along with Jack. Both boys showed signs of SBD, both being stuck to the stop of the tank. Kris was in a much worse condition than Jack as Jack recovered in 3 days of Epsom salts and is doing wonderful now. Kris on the other hand...

I started out doing 1tsp/g of Epsom salts in treated water with IAL leaves. He had a 0.5g tank, half filled (its a long tank, not tall). For the first week, he floated. We fasted him for 3 days, and fed live food for 4. He finally had a bowel movement and was able to swim. Not 1 hour later, he was back to floating. I then upped his dose to 2tsp/g of Epsom salts, half tank with daily water changes. Still little change. Every now and then he would be able to swim, once I added more water to give him space, he would float again.

The other day I decided to give him a 1.5g tank with rocks/plants/cave/heater since he was swimming again. Now he had no heater before, but my bedroom kept his small tank at 78F. The new heater is keeping the 1.5g at 80F.

I moved him to the tank, kept the 2tsp/g of Epsom salt treatment and let him explore. It's was amazing to watch him check everything out in his tank (and his neighbor!). After all that excitement, he started floating again. This afternoon, he's back to swimming.

Now when I say floating, I mean he's unable to swim down. He tries, only he ends up shooting back up to the top of the tank. When he CAN swim, it seems like his swim bladder still isn't working properly as he swims with his tail down and really has to use his fins to move around.

As for food? We fasted him for 3 days, fed him live food twice a day since. If he's eating or not, he still did the same things so we figured we wouldn't starve him.

He has what I would call regular bowel movements, everyday I cleaned his tank there was at least one poop in there. I've had a bit of experience with SBD with my boys, my pet store is well known for it. Hughie came here just like Kris, floating and sideways but after 13 days, he was able to swim and never went back to floating.

Anyone have any clue with Kris? Genetic? Injury? He seems in excellent health, eats well and has plenty of color and personality. Other than the floating, he's a normal fish!

I have enclosed a few videos, and a picture of his handsome self :)

Video 1 - First day in new tank, flaring at Jack

Video 2 - Second Day after floating all night

And any other time, he's just floating and unable to leave the top of the water.
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Maybe his swim bladder is damaged?? My sister had an albino goldfish that was born with SBD. It would literally swim sideways and upside down or just float upside down
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There has to be something wrong with his SB, but the fact that he can be ok one day and floating the next is what worries me lol
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