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Exclamation New Betta Fish in Trouble!

So, i bought a betta fish 4 days ago and it was great!. It is dark blue with red eyes. (my profile pic which was taken on the first day i got it). I recently noticed that it may be very sick . The following qualities may be normal, so please tell me if they are or aren't:
  • The betta fish seems very slow in movement and stays at the bottom of the tank (coming up for air and food)(when i turn on a lamp facing the tank he starts to swim around after a while, so the lamp probably provides the heat it needs).
  • Spits out the flakes i feed it, but eats the dried bloodworms.(I've only fed it to him/her on one day which was 1 day ago)
  • Its head and some of the body is going black and each scale's center is white-ish. and the bottom/front of its belly is white (like in the pic)
  • Just noticed these today: Around it's gills it looks rusted(gold-brown). And that it is bloated at the back.
  • and it's top dorsal fin is saggy

Now for some info about it's tank,etc:
  • The tank is 1.84L (according to the box) and it came in a betta fish kit made by Marina
  • i feed it food (once every day) that was in the kit(the pack of food has blood worms mixed in] and when i filled up the tank i used tap water and conditioned it with conditioner from the kit, then i waited a few hours before putting the betta in
  • i bought the betta fish and tank from a local fish store
  • i have not used anything else besides what was in the kit, so unfortunately there is no heater or filter yet. Also i do not have any medication for the betta so if there is a way to help it without medication, that would be great.
  • i have not cleaned the tank yet because i only bought it 4 days ago and have not tested the water for anything and dont have a kit
  • i do not know if it is male or female, so if you can tell from the pic plz tell me.

Please help me, im very worried

Thank you to anyone who can help!

btw the pic you see is not how the fish looks now, it is how it looked when i first put it in the tank, if you need more info then ask and i'll try to answer
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Welcome to the forum and the the wonderful world of Betta keeping and what a beautiful male veiltail Betta you have....nice the pic he looks normal and from his behavior you posted that too sounds within normal limits, however, he may be cold and settling in to the new environment......

While half gallon is not ideal-it will work until you can upgrade to at least 1gal that you can safely heat.....

You may or may not need a heater, but its a good idea to have one on hand

You do need a thermometer to monitor the water temp of the tank to maintain a somewhat stable temp in the 76-80F range and to check the replacement water used for water changes-its important to try and keep temp between new and old water within a few degrees to prevent temp shock.

Dechlorinator is needed with any water added to the tank/fish

In a half gallon I recommend 3 weekly water changes to maintain water quality...2-50% and 1-100% spaced out during the week.

You don't need to remove him for the 50% but with the 100% be sure and re-acclimate him to the water chemistry by adding small amount of the new dechlorinated like temp water to the holding container over 10-15min before you add him back to the tank....

Dose the dechlorinator for the full volume with all water changes as a general rule.....

Nutrition-a good quality varied diet fed in small frequent meals.....

Look foreward to hearing more about your Betta adventures
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Thank you, i wasn't sure if this was normal because he is my first betta. I'll try to fulfill his needs!
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