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What can I add in a 5.5 gallon tank with a S male betta?

So I'm almost ready to upgrade to the 5.5 gallon tank, but I want to add in some tankmates in the future.

So far I'm considering a few ghost shrimp and a african dwarf frog but I also wanted to add in a fish thats compatible with my betta.

Keep in mind that for now I am only taking suggestions, but the ghost shrimp is something I will most likely get, but wanted to know if I can add a small fish thats compatible (maybe a few neon tetras, my brother wants).
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In a 5.5 gallon tank you shouldn't add anything but some shrimp or snails. The tank wouldn't be able to handle the bioload of any other fish, as most fish compatible with bettas need to be kept in schools (6 or more). Neon tetras are one of those fish.

If you upgraded to a 10 gallon you could have some neon tetras, or some cories.

I don't really recommend ADFs as they have trouble seeing and can't get to their food very well unless you handfeed them. I tried them with my female betta once, and it didn't work out.

Whatever you choose, remember to quarantine your new additions for at least a week before introducing them to your current fish!
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So I probably might add in a mystery snail and a few ghost shrimp,should I quarantine these before adding them to the tank? Or quarantine the betta since there's nothing in right now.
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Whenever I put fish in a tank with other aquatic life I always quarantine just to be on the safe side.
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