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Question New to Bettas and need advice for ragged fins

Hi all,

I have just bought a Betta and am worried about him. This is my second attempt at keeping a Betta and I really don't want to lose the little guy :( He seems to be quite happy, and is often watching things going on outside his tank and patrolling the edges with sudden quick displays. A few days ago the water snail that was in the tank died - and was removed immediately on noticing. No idea what caused the death, although he may well have starved in the super clean tank :( A couple of days ago, however, I noticed that my Betta's fin tips were becoming slightly ragged. The next day, despite a 20% water change his fins were more ragged, with slight darkening on the edges.

I did some research and for two days have been replacing his water 100% with some aquarium salt (3 tea spoons in a 28L/7 gallon tank). He is really active and difficult to remove from the tank and I am worried about causing more damage and stress by the full changes. His fins are still ragged, although he is still eating and patrolling his tank. He might also be rubbing against tank objects more than usual.

Here are the setup parameters I have, perhaps if you could have a look at them and see if anything needs changing?
Size: 28L/7 gallons
Temperature: 25C/77F
Lighting: Overhead in-tank lighting, 8 hours a day
Contents: Air filter and under gravel heating, gravel fully covering base, mutliple synthetic soft plants, plastic cave and silicone anenome
Changes: (Standard) 20% when nitrate 0.25 or higher (tested daily). (With ragged fins) 100%.
Water: (Standard change) Tap water treated with 1/4 teaspoon Stress Coat, 1/4 teaspoon Stress Zyme and 1/2 teaspoon aquarium salt
(Full change) Tap water treated with 3/4 teaspoon Stress Coat and 1 teaspoon Stress Zyme, plus 1 teapsoon aquarium salt
Food: Betta pellets (1 x morning, 1-2 x evening - depending on voracity of feeding)

Please help - I really don't know what to do here :(
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Rubbing against tank objects sounds like some kind of parasite. I don't know a great deal about betta fish diseases but a lot of people on this forum do--so keep checking back!
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Things went downhill...

Hi kitkatbar,

Thanks for getting back! The rubbing turned out to be the key - a few hours after posting Zorro developed a number of tiny white spots, probably ick, so am going through the process recommended on the fish care sticky, he has just had his second salting and even after one dose I can see that the number and size of spots has decreased - fingers crossed!
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