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Old 01-05-2012, 02:58 PM   #11 
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No, I just set the cup aside and do the water change as fast as I can. The water temp shouldn't drop too fast.
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Ah okay. I was wondering. I acclimate during 50% changes too. I'm super paranoid about shock
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Reference Team
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I've never seen any of my bettas suffer from temperature shock even when I do 100% water changes. I only use my hand to roughly match the temperature before I put them back in.

Mine mope for a few seconds and then quickly go back to swimming around and checking on everything.

A temperature change of 1 or 2 degrees will not kill a healthy fish. In fact I actually do large water changes with cold tap water to stimulate spawning with some of my betta species.

Floating him around and introducing water over a period of ten to fifteen minutes should be more than enough if you are particularly concerned.
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Old 05-22-2014, 06:27 PM   #14 
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How to properly do water chage for 2.5 mini bowl?

Hello their, I need some advice about how to properly clean my betta tank. First off I have a female betta which is an inch and a half long. She has been with me for over a month and a half and lives in an Aqueon 2.5 mini-bowl. I do 25-50% water changes every 7 days (one week). First I place her in the cup I got her in with a small heater light above to keep the water from going cold. Next I remove the plants, heater, and filter before I start removing the waist and a little over 25% of the water with a pump syphon. I then take the tank and scoop some (not all) of the gravel and rinse it in the sink before I put it back. After washing the plants and large rocks, I put everything back in place before I add in new room temperature "spring water". I then add water conditioner "Aqueon Betta Bowl Plus". I then take my betta named Marina and let her float on the top for a while to get the right temp. Every 10 minuets I add in some of the new water into her cup and I do this twice. Then I place her in. Is this ok? Should I remove her when I do every water change? Last time I did this she was very stressed to the point where she acted like she was sick and I panicked. How ever after a couple of days she went back to normal and is doing good so far. Pleases let me know if I am doing something wrong before I change her tank soon. BTW, I am saving up to get her a 5 gallon tank, but for now this is what she is in.
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I would say no unless you're putting him in a larger container. Generally when I take out my fish I just scoop him in his cup with some heated tank water. Water changes shouldn't take too long so the temp shouldn't drop too much, especially if there is a lid (with holes of course). If you do that you would want to acclimate him to the water chemisty and the temperature like mentioned before. When putting him back in I always scoop a little off the top to make sure as little old water as possible is getting into the tank.
Our aquarium came with a little net but we've never used it on him.

Sorry this was a super late reply, I didn't even notice there was a second page.
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...Is it necessary to do 100% water changes? Wouldn't that just completely eliminate the whole cycling process? I'm very confused...
If it is necessary, how often is it necessary??

Thanks :)
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Old 05-22-2014, 11:45 PM   #17 
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Betta87, I have only cupped Dragon once when doing a water change he was really upset about it too. I found that covering the cup with a towel was the best way to keep him from being stressed. Just be mindful of the fact that your Betta is under the towel and try not to reach for it in an emergency. I don't typically cup him with my regular 25% changes I worry constantly about accidentally dumping him and his cup that it is probably just as stressful for me as for him.

Sheridan - the BB colonize primarily in the filter/sponge media doing a large water change does not kill the cycle.
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Old 05-23-2014, 03:00 PM   #18 
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Originally Posted by ArcticRain View Post
Here is the way I do my water changes!
Step 2: Take out all decorations (Plants, caves, thermometer, etc.)
Would this apply with live plants? I'd have thought it might disturb their root, etc., systems.
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Old 05-25-2014, 12:19 AM   #19 
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Thank you for your advice. My betta Marina is doing quite well as of now and todays tank clean was done without error. She seems content with her cleaned home and swims around exploring and chasing bubbles. To tell you honestly I think I overreacted, but hey when you are in charge of a living creature no matter what the size it is your responsibility to give it a comfortable, healthy, and happy life. I have a mild form of autism and sometimes panic when issues arise because I don't know what to do or if I some how caused it. Anyway as was aforementioned, she is doing fine and if I have any more questions about my "aquatic beauty" I will defiantly write. Thank you.
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