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Plant potting ideas

I've found a 54 litre (14 gallon) aquarium that has caught my eye that I am determined to get for Kaze to upgrade him from his 24 litre (6.3 gallon) home. I plan on using a dark sand substrate (in case I choose to add corydoras) and wish to add some live plants... the issue is I'm not all that confident with them.

I have a few marimo moss balls, banana lilies and anubias on bogwood but would like to add some amazon sword plants, but if I am going to move things around every now and then I don't want to find I constantly disturb the plants - I've also heard that cories like to bury their heads in the sand (literally) and have a habit of getting stuck under things, so I've had an idea.

I have some small, black plastic plant pots. I was considering having a layer of gravel in the bottom (to cover the holes, I could use a piece of filter sponge instead), filling it with some form of compost and then capping the pot with another layer of gravel (or sand). In these pots I would plant the amazon swords. I would then bury the pots in the sand (the sand won't be too deep, so most of the pot would be above the substrate level). The idea is so that I can easily move the plants around without damaging the roots and so that I can also remove them should any die off without the risk of damaging healthy plants/root systems.

It would also prevent the currently metaphorical corydoras from uprooting the plants as well as preventing them getting stuck in the roots and damaging their barbles (the pots would be weighed down by the gravel in the bottom).

I may be overthinking this but I'd rather overthink it than underthink it, I also think I can make it look aesthetically pleasing with a little creativity. I'm hoping to do what is best for Kaze but I also want to do what is easiest for me as well. I won't compromise his home for my convenience, but I do need to make sure I can tend the plants with as little root disturbance as possible while having the option open to move the plants around to suit mine and his needs.

I don't have the aquarium yet, but I will have everything I need for it (hood, heater, filter, usual essentials) ready. I want to plan ahead and get the plants before too long so I can have them in the aquarium while I cycle it (or shortly after). I've read the easy care plant guide (thanks for that ) but am just wondering what your thoughts and/or opinions on this are? Has anyone tried something similar? If so, how did your plants' health compare to being buried into the substrate?

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