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Betta tank questions

Ok so I'm pretty new to this whole Betta thing. We've had fish and we've had bettas before but we were never that serious about them. We've decided to become serious about them! :) We've got a 10 gallon set up right now with two divided smaller tanks inside of it. We've got 3 males and one female and we were going to do some breeding. We've got water in the bigger tank with a heater trying to regulate the smaller tanks temp for now. The heater I bought said for 5-15 gallons it would keep the water at 78. I have yet to see the water go above 72...and the 10 gallon isnt even half full! There's nothing to set on this heater it just says it maintains 78. I've also thrown a couple plant bulbs in the water. The package said to just toss it in and watch them grow, keep the lights on about 8 hrs a day and thats about all it says. One is floating and the other one sunk to the bottom lol Not sure if that's supposed to happen. Do I need a air pump? I've got a filter hooked up but not enough water in the tank to run it and I've read your not supposed to use the filter while breeding them anyways? Well, I've got to get ready for work but I'm sure I'll have lots of questions and things I'd like to chat about later!!
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the heater may not be working because it's not in enough water. i know all the heaters i've had have a line on them and the water level is not supposed to go below it. if your tank is only half full that may be why. what brand/kind is it?

as for the bulbs, i've heard from a lot of other members that they rarely grow so i'm thinking yours not growing is nothing new :(. if you want live plants you'll have to get some that are already growing. otherwise silk plants are a LOT easier to keep, lol.

as for breeding your bettas i'm not an expert, i've looked into it but it's really a lot of work to raise the fry and you could potentially end up with a ton of little baby bettas. you'd have to find homes for all of them have houseing for them while you find a buyer, etc. make sure you research as much as you can before breeding!

best of luck!
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Thank you for replying! I was begining to think I wouldn't get any replies :) I have the heater horizontal so it's completely submersed below water and I'm not sure of the brand, I believe it was the only kind walmart sells. I work there so that's why I bought it there but I was thinking of returning it and getting a nicer one from the petstore. Oh well about the bulbs I guess, they were pretty cheap lol I have done a lot of research on the breeding, does seem like it will be a lot of work but can't do it til I can get a proper heating tool anyways :)
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