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Medications to have on hand?

What kinds of medications should a betta keeper have on hand? I see so many posts with people needing to treat their fish with something, but unable to track that something down quickly enough.

I work as a vet tech and constantly have medications on hand to treat my cats and dogs when needed.

I'd like to have stuff available for the fish if the time comes...

Tell me, what are you must-haves?
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I'd like to know this, too.
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Reference Team
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Preventative Measures:
  • Methylene Blue
  • Potassium Permanganade
  • Aquarium Salt

I use Kordon's M. Blue, good for fungal and some bacterial issues. It's a good first line of defense against ammonia burns, fin rot, cloudy-eye and fungi.
P.P. can be found in Jungle's Clear Water from Wal-Mart. I use it for disinfecting equipment and for fungi like Saprolengia. It can also help clear out your water from nasties.

  • KanaPlex
  • Furan-2
  • Maracyn II
  • PraziPro

That covers most of your bases. KanaPlex is a nice broad spectrum antibiotic good for most bacterial issues, it's great for internal issues as well if the fish will eat a pellet soaked in it. Furan-2 is great for Columnaris, can be combined with kanaPlex for that as well. Maracyn II is another broad spectrum used for Pop-eye, Cloudy-eye, and other external issues. And PraziPro (Praziquantel) is your parasite medication.
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I always have

Epsom Salt
Aquarium Salt
Methylene Blue
an Ich med like Super Ich Cure
Seachem Kanaplex
Seachem Metronidazole
General Cure

I also have
CooperSafe (for velvet) but thats just because I thought my fish had velvet once and bought it.
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Not a medication, but something I have found to be exceptionally useful is a regular measuring cup that has milliliters, and one of those shot glasses that has tsp/tbsp and smaller increments of milliliters. If you're using meds that are meant for, say, 10 gallons, but only need to dose a small quarantine tank, working in milliliters is way easier. (Say the quarantine tank is 3 gallons- you could try to measure out a third of the medication, or put the ten gallon medication into 300 milliliters of water, then take only 90 milliliters to dose the quarantine tank with.)
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Like Lil, for mild or preventative measures:
  • Methylene Blue - ammonia poisoning, mild external infections
  • Aquarium Salt - ich

Three main medications:
  • A broad spectrum antibiotic - If you have access to enrofloxacin/Baytril, direct injection into the base of the dorsal or peduncle is the most effective treatment. Average betta weighs ~2g. Otherwise, get kanamycin sulfate. (KanaPlex is 1/3 kanamycin and 2/3 inert carrier.)
  • An antiparasitic - API General Cure covers most internal and external parasites. Contains metronidazole and praziquantel.
  • An antifungal - Acriflavine (also doubles as a treatment for oodinium/velvet)

In case of euthanasia:
  • MS-222 or clove oil

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You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for your advice. Much appreciated! I guess I'll be adding a lot to my collection. :)
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