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Dropsy? Bloating?

5 gallon hospital bucket with 4 gallons of water, no aeration, has a heater with temp steady at 78F.

Currently feeding 3-4 NLS Betta pellets every other day because they definitely make him fatter. The first week I had him, he got some NLS TheraA, Spirulina flake, and a couple freeze-dried bloodworms. Stopped with the flake and freeze-dried as soon as symptoms appeared.

This betta was rescued from about 1/4 gallon of water in a 1/2 gallon bowl. He was probably in that situation for ~3 weeks with zero care (was abandoned in an apartment, oh the joys of property management). I use Seachem Prime. He was getting 2-3 90% changes per week in the 1 gallon emergency housing unit, and now 50% every other day in the bucket.

Water Parameters:
pH 7.8, water is like liquid rock, but presumably fine considering that I keep a variety of other tropical fish in it. I have not tested the water, but given the water changes and light feeding it is 0, 0, 0.

Symptoms and Treatment:
About 3 days after I got him (end of July) he seemed bloated. I withheld food for a day, it went down a bit, and then I got him on the NLS pellets, but the bloating has gradually worsened, even through a couple 3 day fasts. For the past 3 weeks, he has been in 1tsp/gallon of epsom salts, and he's had 6 days (3 doses) of Kanaplex. No improvement. He is active, happy and hungry. I'm feeding every other day at the moment. Poops are light brownish and seem about normal per photos I've seen on these forums. I honestly figured he'd either be better or dead by now, but bloated seems to be the new status quo.


Thoughts on further treatment? Should I get him out of the epsom salts this weekend? Help me internet geniuses, I'm out of ideas!
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