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he's not i checked, he has before though...
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In this picture he appears to be pine coning.

Originally Posted by MistersMom View Post
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yeah i noticed that, but from the top of him, hes fine.... im not sure what was wrong, but the grey has gone away also, quite a bit of it anyways...
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Where to send fish for necropsy?

Originally Posted by Sakura8 View Post
I wish to spread awareness about a disease that has struck several times in the recent months. It moves very, very, very fast, often killing within 12-24 hours. Nothing is known about this disease except that it is a bacterial disease that causes rapid and acute tissue necropsy and that it seems to strike blue bettas in particular. Several people are working on identifying this disease, including veterinary student DarkMoon17, but WE NEED YOUR HELP.

If you have a betta who develops the following symptoms or dies, please DO NOT DISPOSE OF THE BODY. It is very important that we have a body to send in for a necropsy. Several people have volunteered to take the bodies to local universities or veterinary clinics near them. All we need you to do is save the body and contact DarkMoon17 or me immediately.

The symptoms of this disease are:

* graphite gray or near black tissue necropsy that spreads from the bottom of the fins upward to the body within hours
* sudden loss of mobility as the swim bladder is affected
* death or conditions so severe that they require euthanasia within 12-24 hours, occasionally as long as 36 hours

The betta will look something like this:
Attachment 45260

There have been speculations about what it is, including suggestions that it is an acute strain of columnaris, but NOTHING IS KNOWN FOR CERTAIN. PLEASE DO NOT post speculations about what this disease may be unless you have been able to identify the disease through lab work. Such speculations only cause aggressive debate.

Any and all cooperation is much appreciated as we work to identify this disease so we can figure out a way to combat it. Thank you very much.
I want to send him, he was a blue betta, please reply asasp! So I can help.
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Hi Black008, welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear your betta died of this disease. If you would like to help, you can send him to me. PM me for details. Shipping costs can be reimbursed if you have Paypal. In the meantime, if you can, try to get a hold of some formaldehyde to preserve him. A local veterinary clinic should have some and if you explain what it is for, they should hopefully give you enough to preserve him in a small specimen jar.
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Hey guys, I'm new here but I would like to suggest something. Those of you who have lost a betta, my condolences. I think it would help greatly if the victims would post as much detail as what the environment of the betta was like at time of death. List where you got it from, test the water at the local pet store, any plants, decorations and the type of gravel, and lastly a list of products that was used before and after the disease. I think this we MAY find some sort of correlation as to what iscausing this problem.
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this is not good..i constantly watch my bettas for any changes.luckily i have not seen anything like this..really hope we can hurry and come up with a cure and more info about it.
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Thank you very much for the suggestion, Fredster. I agree with it. Every little bit of info helps. :)
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Well I think its that and I've lost almost a whole aquarium to it..
Blue and some greens got the necrosis version and few of the others got the normal version or the acute one...

BUT One was saved with the use of 2 things together.. methylene blue and API Furan..

Another one was cured with a self surgery.. He's a big ear male, the necrosis started on his "ears" and he just bit it off after a about 15h suffering.. I was planning to cut the infected parts myself to try and save him but he got it before me :P

Anyway, If anyone has a chance to try the meds I said would be nice.. To know its not a one time deal that I got lucky..

(Whole aquarium = my female community) more then 10 dead, 4 on the way out and 6 almost fully recovered..

I didn't read the whole thread but I saw the word dropsy pop somewhere, One of the girls thats still alive has Dropsy and being treated right now with PP baths and Epsom salt
Hopefully she'll make it.. She a tough one.. My Alpha girl...

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ph to hight

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