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Exclamation HOW? i need help

How can you tell if a betta has fin rot because I do not want to buy one with that...
Is there any particular signs to look for to find that a fish has fin rot?
Can you tell if a betta is a tail bite-er in anyway?
My sister once got a male that bit his tail and had fin rot when she got him, and I dont want that...
Is there anyway to tell what age a betta is by how they look or the length of them?
I really want to buy a HAPPY HEALTHY fish unlike what happened to my poor sis
and i also want a NEW BABY BETTA really bad
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Try a breeder
Either here or on Aquabid
Otherwise you will end up with an older betta and a ? for health since even if you get one who looks fine, they could have parasites or finrot

But either way, if you get a betta and do not care for it properly... or any other animal... it will get sick
and tail biting is from stress or boredom.... but some bettas just do it.... no guarantees what you will end up with... but really, without a decent tank, proper decorations, or proper cleaning, you will end up with a betta who does that, or is over all unhealthy
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Get one who's fins are not ragged. No rips or tears. If the fins look like they are not whole, then don't get it. Most bettas in stores will be a bit stressed and not super bright, but the brighter the colors, the healthier they are (depending on color. Some pale fish are just colored that way, but a blue one that looks washed out will be not as healthy or very stressed). The bigger they are, the easier it will be to keep them healthy. Smaller bettas are younger and can get diseases more easily. Also, there is no way to tell a tail biter until they do it unfortunately.

And the key to a happy healthy fish is a good clean environment. :)
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