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Originally Posted by NoahG View Post much is just the shipping? Maybe it'd be more economical to have someone who can purchase it locally for them send you some? I've had to ship something to Croatia once and I know the shipping wasn't enough to make up the difference between $30 and the retail price for NLS.

And ah, gotta love kids' tendencies to do things like that -- my nephew did that once with a bottle of antibiotic ear cleaner for my dog. Needless to say, I'm nervous whenever I let him help me feed my fish. Fortunately Ezra didn't just chow down when he put several too many pellets in for him, hahaha (also fortunate I had just bought feeding tongs for similar occasions -- Ezra decided to swim through them when I held them still for him).

I consider myself fortunate that the local stores seem to carry a wide variety of frozen foods. About the only thing I haven't managed to find yet is black worms, which I've heard they really love when they're alive.
Most places is $20 shipping, and I really don't have the money or enough things I need to justify spending $20 in shipping (or getting free shipping).

There's a store in my own province that charges $20 flat rate to send it to me on the bus, plus it's $20 to take a cab to the bus station haha I have someone willing to send me some Omega One, but no takers in Canada on NLS.
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Man...out of curiosity I just checked it out and it would seem that, including the price of the food (with tax), I'd be able to send you a container of NLS for less than what it would cost you to ship it from someplace else.

I can get a hold of their Betta formula as well as their small fish formula (both the regular sized container, and the larger size). I mean, I'm not sure how Canada handles fish food being shipped into the country, but it was a thought. The shipping itself is only about $12, and I think US and Canadian currency is close enough currently that it's a matter of cents in difference.
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