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Join Date: Apr 2011
Location: New Jersey
what do breeders feed?

Question just came to mind, what do breeders and the pros feed there bettas , not frys but older 3 month + old bettas

anything special and how often
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Location: Nova Scotia, Canada
I'm not a breeder or a pro, but I feed Addison's Betta Pro. New Life Spectum is another great food but I can't get it here :(
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Old 01-11-2012, 06:11 PM   #3 
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Location: Central Texas
Probably the most nutritious food they can find. Different frozen and live foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, tubifex worms, daphnia and wingless fruit flies.
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I used to know a pretty well known betta breeder that ships mostly international than in the country... and didnt know be bred bettas, until he moved and emailed me ect. Long story short. He told me that he fed his bettas live foods. Sometimes even other 1-5 day old weak betta fry. (I personally dont support this but he did.) Most of what DQ said is also what he fed as well as other foods that were imported from thialand.
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Old 01-13-2012, 11:33 AM   #5 
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Location: clovis ca
Nothing beat live food that you can culture.
Cause the food bill will add up quickly if you have to keep buying them food.
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I feed Atisons Betta pro pellets, tubiflex worms and live brine shrimp...
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