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Is this normal?

I Got a betta fish for Christmas, along with a 0.9 gallon tank. I put my fish in that tank, and he lived there for 3 weeks until I discovered that Berta's need larger, warmer homes. I immediately went out and bought a 5.5 gallon tank with a heater and filter, and as soon as it was cycled I moved my little pal in. Unfortunately he began to freak out. And he broke out in stress lines. What can I do to help him?
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Do you have any plants (live or fake) or decorations in there for him? He might be feeling a bit exposed in there. Fish are naturally found around shelter in the water. They seek it out. It makes them feel protected from real (or imagined in your betta's case) predators. My advice would be to add some stuff to his tank. Fake or live plants (if you have a light) or a little castle or cave.
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Both my bettas totally flipped out when I put them in their homes for the first time. My Violet was stressed with her 10 gallon tank and had stress lines for days. But then I divided it and got my Baltar and she loved the smaller space and her lines went away almost instantly. Others on this site told me some of their bettas didn't like large spaces either. If you haven't already put in lots of plants and hide outs like 'thekoi' said. A mug will do if you need it to. If this doesn't work get a mesh and make it into 2 sections and slowly make it bigger. But first give it a few days, he will probably get used to it assuming he has places to hide. Baltar hid for 4 days when i got him and I had to feed him in the back of the tank away from Violet... Now he's my social butterfly and never goes in his cave.
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stress new tank help

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