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Tankmate(s) to stir sand

I'm in the process of cycling a new ten gallon for my betta and debating future tankmates for him. It's a play sand substrate, roughly two inches deep, with about 20 ounces of polished glass gravel mixed in for looks. I know this will require stirring to prevent those nasty gas pockets. I'd like to get some critter(s) to do this for me!
I'm torn between cories and malaysian trumpet snails. The crazy breeding habits of the snails put me off a bit, but not entirely. Gallifrey has eaten ghost shrimp placed in is tank before, but that might just be predation, not aggression. This is also a much bigger tank, with a planned mix of live and silk plants to hide in.
Any other suggestions for sand stirrers would be great, too. Thanks in advance!

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The best critter to help prevent anaerobic pockets are the MTS (malaysian trumpet snails)-since they burrow in the substrate, however, this livebearer snail can over populate-but easy enough to keep in check with manual removal on occasion and then once the rooted plants start to grow their roots will help bring oxygen into the substrate too....
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