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Thank you all

So while I was out of town this week, my husband was in charge of the taking care of sick Griff. He did well, though I am sure that he thought taking care of a fish was ridiculous. I came back home to a fish that was swimming around all normal and eating normal and looking bright blue.
Thanks guys to all of you who helped this past week and a half to give me advice on how to get my fish back to good! He looks like he's going to make it! He's in his tank again, and happily swimming around and hanging out more at the top than at the bottom. I appreciate all the help.

(He did, however, apparently eat too much this weekend since his belly is kinda large. Going to have to do some research on how to fix that.) And also I need to see if his tail will now grow back on it's own or if I need to do anything to help it along.
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Good job! We've been reading your posts and were hoping Griff would make it. He looks so much better. I'm not an expert, but it looks like Griff has a bloated belly. I copied this information from the disease sticky, this will probably help him get back on track. Way to go saving him, we have been wondering these past few days how he was doing-happy to see that he has pulled through the worst of it! Now things should be much easier-and more enjoyable! Congrats!

Swim Bladder Disease (SBD)/Bloat
•Symptoms: Betta has trouble swimming, maybe he can’t stay upright and can only swim on his side.
•Treatment: This is not a contagious or fatal illness. If it isn’t congenital (aka a condition that he/she has had since birth), then it is caused by over feeding or feeding the wrong foods. Bettas will typically recover after a day or two of Epsom Salt treatments (1-2tsp/gal) and fasting. You can help prevent a reoccurrence by switching to a better pellet food, feeding less and offering a more varied diet. To make it easier for the betta to eat and breath, you can make the water shallower. You can offer him/her frozen daphnia (sold at Petsmart) as daphnia will help him/her pass stool. DO NOT FEED THEM PEAS.
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Wonderful!! Thank you @Tobythefish. I'm already doing Epsom for the next 7-10 days or so anyway (from him being sick) so that's great. Something I'm already doing. I'll look to get a variety of food since I only have one type of pellets and then bloodworms for a treat. I'll see if he starts pooping on his own today before I force the issue with daphnia.

Thank you for the help!
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Location: USA good to hear he is getting better....

Don't confuse bloat with a normal full tummy...with bloat you will have other symptoms along with the enlarged buoyancy problems, clamp fins, lethargic, hiding, not eating or pooping to name the most common....since he is already in the Epsom salt and has been ill....I wouldn't hold food he needs the nutrition to help his immune response....often when a Betta has enlarged tummy due to food that doesn't resolve within a reasonable time with digestion-it could be due to poor quality food that is high in grain/grain byproduct......but the tummy should look round after feeding and for several long as they are asymptomatic to bloat it usually is nothing to worry about...also, some tail types like doubletail and crowntails tummy can sometimes appear more rotund normally.....
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