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Please help me with help my very sick betta boy

Thank you for reading this. In short..I posted in early December re: Snappy our betta. He had pop eye & a lump was beginning to grow on his face. I tried everything, everything. Since then I also boil his water 3 gallons, leave it out for 24 hours, condition it, & now use Tetra easy balance plus, I have a filter & bio wheel, & recently added an airstone. Poor guy is just not getting better. His current condition - the only good thing is his pop eye went away, But the lump on his face is still there & changed in shape 7 color. His gills are red & flammed, he has been staying on the top of the water,I have a indian almond leaf hanging in his tank that he sleeps next to. I cant tell you the number of times I said goodbye to him at night, thinking he wasnt going to make it through the night. Anyway the last 48 hours he is still at the top of the water but more like hanging in the water, nose straight up body pointing straight down,he just floats around. I really wanted to get him better but Ive tried everything from epsom salt, fungius meds, tetracycline. What do you think I should do? is there anything you can think of that I could do for the little guy. Thanks
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what antifungals did you use? Tetracycline is old school and some are resistant to it to it and it doesn't work on everything that doesn't have a built up resistance either.

So pop eye is gone now there's a lump and he's lethargic? Can you take recent photos?

Please correct me if I'm wrong but Tetra easy balance plus says it messes with the ph (not a good idea to mess with natural ph of your water except for very rare cases and then ph must be very carefully monitored as ph swings can really shock and harm your fish) and adds benefical bacteria does not dechlorinate.. I see nothing on the description that says it removes chlorine or heavy metals.. are you using a dechlorinator? If not, I'd say that's your issue..

Unless I'm missing something about this tetra product you need to get some dechlorinator NOW. I suggest Prime or API Stress Coat. I also noted your aquarium guy thought bettas should live in 60s water.. so.. if he's the one that said this is the right conditioner I'd ignore him and find another source of info.

You need to get a ph test kit and test the water he is in now. Age some new water and test the ph of this without adding that stuff. If it's close (within .2 ph) you can just keep the regular water changes and stop using that stuff and try something like Prime or API Stress Coat. If it is really far off you are going to need to very slowly acclimate to regular tap water ph (unless the tap water is just horrendous like way over 8 ph?) so you can stop using the ph adjuster.

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Yes I also use tetra aquasafe with bio extract, water conditioner says it neutralizes chlorine & chloriamines. I absolutely did not listen to the guy at the fish store, I had read enough about bettas to know he was completely wrong. water temp is at 79-80. I decided on the easy balance because it regulates ph & reduces nitrates. we have very hard water & I thought it would help. Ive been using filtered water that I then boil & sit out for 24 hours ,then add the aqua safe before adding to aquarium. I dont know what is wrong but I will test the water too. he was on pima fix for 7 days the lump on face that thought was a fungus. after that didnt work gave tc tetracycline 4 days. He hasnt eaten for almost 4 wks now
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