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Humane Methods of Euthanasia

I was just curious after reading how someone put their betta in a bag with some water and just stuck them in the freezer. Although they say it's the most humane way, I feel that for a tropical fish it would be very uncomfortable. Now, I have heard of using clove oil to sedate them, and it sounds okay.
I just wanted to ask those of you who had to make the heart wrenching choice --of just experts in general--what you think is the most humane.
With this blue betta mystery-disease scare, I'm frightened I may have to make this choice for the prince, so, even though I sound pessimistic, I'd like to be informed on what I can do should it come down to this.
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The way i put down my fish is simple, sedate with clove oil and then drop in very hot water (like just shy of boiling). It is hard, but death is instant. The fish is asleep and doesn't feel a thing.

I have tried other ways, and this is by far the fastest and seemingly most humane way i know.
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Just make sure you do enough and right water changes and he will never, hopefully, get sick. I had to euthanize betta that i took from someone. The girl i took it from didn't do enough water changes...

If you will go to my profile -statistics-find all post by me go to Sick betta on page 2 from 12-13-11 there is instruction how to do it.

I think if fish not suffering then it can die naturally. I had fish before many years ago which died from dropsy, but i let him die naturally, because he didn't suffer. He ate to the day before his last day. So i thought if he eats then he don't have any pain...

The reason i put a sleep the fish taht i took from someone because he was suffering. And i knew he didn't have pain but he was just starving to death . He was trying to eat and couldn't...

I hope you never have to do it though...

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You may want to look at this thread, it has a very informative post by earthworm88.
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