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My sorority

I got a couple pics of the girls. I know, I know I am supposed to have more than three. So far... they are okay and I know the horror story's but this is all they had and they were horrible wal-mart rescues. Patty has barely any fins. But I promise I am buying 2 or three more on Friday. There are also 2 cories and two otocinclus in this tank and it is densly planted. Whats the best/easiest way to chill out a strong filter flow? Also, the girls stress lines are decreasing but Shirley (purple and redish) is still a little freaked out. Can anyone tell me what types these girls may be? Patty is the torn up girl so I know she won't be easy and Margaret is the silver/pink and Shirley is the purple/red. Best I could do was that crappy flash bulb pick of Shirley's tail. She's a mover.
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They all look like plakats to me. How big is your tank?

To baffle a flow...I put fake plants in the outake, which hang down into the sorority. A few of the girls like to play in there, and otherwise it cuts the flow basically down to nothing.
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I can't find the site that helped me with this, so I ended up making my own Slow Flow tutorial. This is the cheapest way i have found to slow your filter's current.
NOTE: This tutorial is for small external filters like this one:


On to the tutorial!

You will need:
Very sharp scissors
A water bottle or clean soda bottle.


Cut the top and the bottom of the bottle off, so you have a plastic ring. Trim this ring to be the length of the filter output.

Then, cut the ring so you have a long curvy rectangle:

Bend your curvy rectangle in half, so one side is a bit longer then the other:

Bend again until you have a shelf like part. this part will sit on the rim of your tank.

Next, take your bendy plastic rectangle (boy I am awesome at describing things) and place it UNDER your filter, like so:

and Voila! your own filter flow slower. or whatever you want to call it.
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Twinjupiter, Thanks for the great pop bottle advice I will try that out.

Greentea, so they look like Plakats? Great, It's a 10 gallon. I am getting three more tomorrow to help chill out the agression a bit more. They are doing okay so far though. Just territorial.
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