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Old 03-04-2012, 11:30 AM   #31 
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Thanks ill take a look. :)
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Originally Posted by styggian View Post
I got a "halfmoon" big ear from 12 dollars after using a 20% coupon. He's closer to a delta though, his tail spread isn't 180* at all.
yea my petco , had a couple of big hear halfmoons for $13
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TBH I was of the thought that the big ears would cause problems. But after talking to an IBC judge I see it really doesn't affect the fish anymore than having long fins. Plakats will always be more active than their halfmoon counter parts. Of course people should be careful and not breed the "ears" to be too long just like with halfmoon fins. It's the next step in betta evolution.
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I actually just got one a couple of weeks ago<3 Yea $30 is a lot for a fish, but he's just lovely and their so much fun. As for the swimming, he's a little slower but that doesn't stop him! He's everywhere! He'll slow down every now and then and regain energy while laying in his plants but after that is done he's back to swimming around(:
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Old 04-02-2013, 09:17 PM   #35 
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At my local petco, they sell elephant ear bettas for only $20. And I was also able to snag a halfmoon double tail for only $7 because it was mismarked as only a double tail!
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Old 04-02-2013, 09:18 PM   #36 
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I saw that too on the pricing guide at my Petco and remember thinking "what the heck is an elephant ear betta?" They didn't have any on the shelf, but i believe they were either $25 or $30 - the most expensive after "King" bettas and Plakats. I recall Petco having horrid conditions, but they must have listened to complaints because the joint has vastly improved - larger cups, always clean water, wide variety. While petsmart continues to offer a few raggedy crowntails in tiny cups filled with methylene blue...

Honestly, I don't think PetCo would sell these fish if they weren't prepared to invest in proper training and care for them. They are not cheap to begin with and there's no profit to be made if they let all the fish die.
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I bought a boy from my local Petco a couple of weeks ago that looks nearly exactly like the pic in that link. I think he was labeled as a halfmoon plakat, so I got him for less than $15. His right pectoral fin was badly torn, but it's already growing out. He's smaller than my others and so cute! (pic attached - he's hyper so he's so hard to photograph - and he looks kinda demonic in this pic because I had the flash on)

I did see one in there yesterday that I wanted so badly. He was labeled as a halfmoon (and so wasn't really that expensive), but he didn't look anything like the other halfmoons. He was more impressive and he had the most beautiful royal blue coloring with black accents. My fiance wouldn't let me get him though because I don't have a tank to put him in. :(
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Old 04-02-2013, 11:18 PM   #38 
Blue Fish
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Wait a minute, I've got one. He was $12 at Petco, labeled "elephant ear" and so far he's had no trouble swimming in my divided 20 g (he's got one tank mate, so he's in 10 g of water). I didn't care if he was an EE or not, I just liked his color. I will say though, he's NOT a plaket like the one in the photo. (they may indeed have some issues with swimming with their short fins) My guy is an EE with a full delta tail, and normal length fins, so that may be why he's able to swim and get around as well as he does. :)

But, I will agree, I would NOT pay fifty bucks for a fish. I just wouldn't. I've heard of some of the larger breeds and Koi and things like that being that high, which does make sense, but 50 for a betta? Nope, just not going to happen for me. Heck, I thought 12 was high...

Here's my boy Emmett:

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Blue Fish
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Originally Posted by Wolfboy51 View Post
Very true! Itd be cool, its like creating ur own breed of stronger faster betta.
We can rebuild them, stronger, faster, better... ;)
Bionic Betta!
(and you know you're making the bionic noise under your breath right now!)

And anyone who's under 30 will most likely have NO IDEA what I'm talking about...but I just had to do it... ;)
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I personally like the more traditional bettas. But I do feel the elephant ear bettas are a thing of the future.
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