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Question Kinds of fish they can live with

I have a semi-aggressive 50 gallon tank. angels, tiger barbs, blue grom, and two others I forgot their kind. Can i put a beta in with them?
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Nuh-uh. Angels will tear your betta apart, so will the tiger barbs and the blue gourami. Especially the blue gourami, as they are both territorial critters. I'm assuming thats what you meant by "Blue Grom" LOL.

But seriously, don't do it.
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No offense but thats pretty much a list of definite NO NO's for betta. But a Kritter Keeper is cheap and easy to heat, so if you want a betta, you could pick one up
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Bettas aren't really like most semi-aggressive fish. They are mostly only aggressive to bettas (and what look like bettas), so if there is anything they are aggressive towards, they'll usually treat it like a betta - and likely kill it over time. Things that pick on bettas tend to not let up either, and over-stress the fish (who can't swim fast and are independent in the wild.) Either way, dead fish, so only very docile tank mates are frequently put with bettas. The only semi-agressive tank you can put bettas in is a sorority (a tank with 5 or more females, no males, ever)
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